Rent Or Buy In Kansas City?!?!

The reality of the pandemic has answered this question for so many of us . . . However, we found this real estate clip that is somewhat informative for noobs and offers just a bit of Sunday info on the local housing market for fools and their money.

We just watched a few minutes of it . . . So don't count this link as an endorsement given that most TKC readers live in their mom's basement.

Take a look . . .

You decide . . .


  1. Rent. Just don’t pay. The mayor will pay for it.

  2. Move as far away as possible. They are abject morons running this city.

  3. Tattoos really make one so unique and interesting.

  4. Tattoos instantly bring ones IQ into question. The more ink the lower the brain capacity.

  5. Naw, TKC... I’m a homeowner. Mortgage free. See, we don’t all live in the basement. Some of us are the Kings and Queens of our own castle. I do realize, though, this blog has a type.

  6. Thanks for posting my video! And to answer some of the comments above, my tattoos do make me incredibly stupid and being so stupid DOES in fact make my IQ VERY LOW! Good call all the way around!

    But thanks for posting my vid anyway. Can't win em all!


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