Recycle Kansas City Food?!?

Local do-gooders hope to save the planet via composting rather than send more fast food leftovers to the landfill.

Here's a glimpse at an effort which might help locals realize that most of what they eat is garbage in the first place . . . Read more:

Food Waste Piling Up More Than Ever

Ah, the holiday season. It's the perfect time to be thankful, revel in holiday spirit, and waste even more food. Americans are really good at wasting food. In fact, we're wasting more with every passing year. In 1993, Americans wasted 13.7 million tons of food, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.


  1. look on the bright side - this garbage contributes to the formulation of fossil fuels in the future. it'll be for some form of alien to earth life to use only because we as humans won't be anywhere to be found.


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