This inner-suburb has big city problems with police, transparency, and TIF financing. Even worse, there will be a lot less money to divide among political factions in the very near future.

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Auditor Galloway Releases Citizen-requested Audit Of Raytown

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo (December 17, 2020) - Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway today released an audit of the City of Raytown, located in Jackson County. The audit was completed after citizens petitioned for a review of the city's finances and operations. In response to the audit, the city has committed to making changes to address the findings.


  1. Nicole is fine look'n.

  2. Mayor Mikey will handle it. He always does.

  3. 2.5 million that the Mayor used to pay down the TIF debt for his campaign that was supposed to be used on roads!!! hundreds of thousands of dollars in payments to city officials not tracked, and no bid contracts to 7 companies with the conflict of interest policy not followed. I remember when Mikey said nothing was wrong, now they're blaming it on all the department heads that resigned.

  4. Apparently the dickhead that called for the audit is running for office there. What a stunt.

  5. Auditor Galloway also released a statement "In November, after audit fieldwork had concluded, the State Auditor's Office received a whistleblower complaint related to potential bonus payments for Raytown city employees during the current year. While the audit is now complete, the allegation is being reviewed by the office's Public Corruption and Fraud Division." Didn't the city say it had or was going to fix? Now it's under investigation by the Corruption and Fraud division.


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