Quitting Shawnee Mission School District

His tenure was surprisingly tumultuous and no man could take the complaints of so many "Karens" for long . . . Check the Golden Ghetto end game announcement and the conclusion of (another) era:

Shawnee Mission School District Superintendent Mike Fulton to retire in 2021

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - Shawnee Mission School District Superintendent Mike Fulton has announced his plans to retire when his contract ends in 2021. Fulton announced his plans in a letter presented to the Shawnee Mission Board of Education during executive session Monday night. "It is with deep appreciation and great respect for the Board of [...]


  1. Well he didn't last long.

  2. What's his retirement package look like? 90% of pay?

  3. I wouldn’t quit. I would come to work high as a jet everyday. I would be fucking some of the hot young teachers and maybe a librarian or two. Probably attend a few educational seminars in exotic places and bang some sluts there.


  4. I bet the son of a bitch is retiring at age 52 with his teacher's pension plan that we taxpayers can only dream of.

    Note to 20 year old's go work for the government; better / cheaper health care plans and far better retirement plans than the private sector.

    Now in most cases, government workers earn the same or more than the private sector employees.

    Back in the day government workers were paid considerably less than the private sector with the tradeoff being the gov't workers had a great pension plan. Now government workers have the best salaries and benefits.

  5. With a six figure retirement plan why work?


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