Protecting Shawnee Mission North Indians

Name game debate continues to spiral out of control in this formerly middle-class enclave that's now coping with an American cultural shift and a long gone legacy.

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Shawnee Mission North defends its Native American caricature mascot

This story will be updated as contacted sources reach out for comment. *Jenny and Kelli's names have been changed for privacy reasons. *Jenny is a sixth-grader at BlueJacket Flint Elementary School in Shawnee Mission School District. She lives in the same house her mother, *Kelli, grew up in.


  1. "In 2017, Glenna Wallace, chief of the Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma, rescinded the tribe’s permission that was given to SMSD to use the Indian as their mascot back in 1992."

    I'm other words, the Chief was an Indian Giver 🤪😜🤪


  2. No matter what you do the Indians will bitch about it. Just be like Sharice Davids and say you want to kill white people and you will be O.K. Like maybe the white killers is a good name that should appease everyone.

  3. The image depicts a plains Native. The Shawnee were wood land Natives. They'll probably keep it since it offends people, just like the Kansas City Football Team.

  4. We conquered the Indians and put them on reservations. They shall thus never have a say in what we call our sports teams, even a school as worthless as Shawnee Mission North. To suggest otherwise is gay.

  5. They should change the name of the Kansas City Chiefs to The White Knights.

    I might start watching the NFL again if they did.

    Why not?

    White people will not be offended and it gives the media the government and politicians who hate white people so much to direct their hatred at a team.

    I would never miss a game.

  6. All my heroes killed Ho Chunks.

  7. Elect Bubba Ho-Tep as new mascot!

  8. All my heros taught Indians how to use indoor plumbing.

  9. The mascot deal worry is silly. Worry about the kids at SMN, their future, their ability to afford college or just get a job where they can buy a house someday. Or worry about the heavy vaping and drinking. Sad story, but one girl (I will call her Kim) graduated in the late 1980's, had no direction, no plans, no college, slept with many guys around Mission Ks and was even in a homemade porn gang bang video that made its way to the internet for all time. Teach kids how to be successful - dont worry about a mascot. I dont want to be supporting these kid's welfare checks in 20 years. They need a bright future and good career.

    1. Jealous ? You tell this story every chance you get.

  10. ^^ Stop defending your mom.


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