Saturday, December 19, 2020

Prez Harry Truman's Most Hated Christmas

Former Prez Harry Truman was a renowned Grinch and there's still a fun & pointless debate about whether or not he was a war criminal. Accordingly,check this bit of local history that should help lower expectations for the 2020 holidays and beyond . . . Read more:

Harry Truman's Christmas Story (Bah Humbug)

He was the leader of the free world and he would be home for Christmas. That's what Harry Truman, alone in Washington, decided. In the earliest days of presidential air travel, he authorized a dicey flight through winter storms to Independence on Dec. 25, 1945.


Anonymous said...

The JAPSD started it. And so he finished it. And he was a libtard.

Anonymous said...

And the Republicans wish they had ever been able to come up with anybody as great as he was.

Plus the decision to drop the bombs saved at least three million Japanese lives as well as the million American ones it was intended to.

Anonymous said...

I think Truman's most hated Christmas was his last. He died on Dec. 26th.

Alpinista said...

It wasn't necessary to drop the Bomb.

The estimate of lives saved assumes an invasion of Japan.

We shot down their planes & sunk their ships, there was no need to invade, just lay siege to their islands until the starving survivors begged for peace.

Anonymous said...


Before he was President, while working his way up in Jackson County Democratic politics, Harry Truman was a member of the Ku Klux Klan.

According to Democratic Socialist, community organizer, BLM, LGBT, Slavery Reparations, Abolish Police, Mask and Socially Distance, Free Rent/No Evictions, Legalize Drugs, and Universal Basic Income ideology, the Truman Library should be closed and any statues of Truman be torn down.

Isn't it very interesting that you don't hear a peep about this from "Professor" Kraske, KC Star, Frank White, Jr., Darryl Forte, JP Baker, Quinton Lucas, Rev. Dr. Vernon Howard, Gwen Grant, and the other members of the Wrecking Crew?

Andrew Jackson must go, but Harry is their hero?
Liberals are STUPID.

MDSF said...

12:07...we just thought you were a fuckwhistle...and now you come out and prove it...thanks for the confirm. .....