POTUS & FLOTUS Share Christmas Hope

Christmas joy from the Commander-In-Chief and the hottest first lady EVAR. Yes, she's way better looking and far more fiesty than Jackie O. on her best day . . . Even if she really might not care about holiday decorations behind the scenes.

Check-it . . .

Trump, first lady release Christmas message and tout COVID-19 vaccine as 'Christmas miracle'

President Trump Melania Trump Melania Trump Trump selects Hicks, Bondi, Grenell and other allies for positions Georgia megachurch pastor tests positive for COVID-19 Trumps release their final White House Christmas photo MORE released a Donald Trump McCarthy to offer UC request to revisit foreign spending in omnibus GOP senator on Trump pardons: 'This is rotten to the core' Trump pardons Manafort, Stone and Charles Kushner in latest round MORE and first lady video message wishing Americans a merry Christmas on Thursday, while celebrating the two COVID-19 vaccines as a "Christmas miracle."


  1. KC Star: we are so sorry... about everything. It’s all our fault. We have egg on our face. Our former employees are to be blamed. And a lot of dead ones. We are so sorry. Can you now pay $400 a year and subscribe to our paper ? On top of comics and crossword puzzles we will dazzle you with short stories that are entirely liberal-bent and we promise to refuse to say bad stuff about Biden and no way do we investigate or run stories on Hunter. Again... we are so sorry!

  2. And yet Biden did nothing to develop the vaccine. The anti vaxXers cheered Blowhard Joe on and now they all want first place in the vaccine line. Maybe they should not take something they don't believe in, by a person they didn't support. Really stand up for their Joey and his beliefs. Still learning how to say Kamala properly, whilst deciding if she is black or Indian. We are the world plays in our safe neighborhood. It is Merica. Weird-ohs

  3. Trump and his ole lady are Russian spies, American white man is pretty stupid to allow the enemy to get all of US secrets. Big dummies

  4. ^^9:49 Time for bed. Santa is coming.

  5. She would be a good fuck.

  6. ^^^ Twenty years ago.

  7. East European mail order hooker. Putin puta.

    Will she go back when Donald goes to prison?

  8. President Trump is a miracle by his self, god bless the president and his beautiful family!

  9. Their Christmas wish is for Americans to die of starvation & exposure.

    Donald Trump & his creepy wife are phonies.

    Any one who supports this train wreck of a human being is an idiot.


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