Pandemic Politics Kills Kansas?!?!

Another worthwhile KICK-ASS TKC READER suggestions offers blame game perspective on the current plague that pits healthcare professional against rural communities.

Check-it . . .

'Toxic Individualism': Pandemic Politics Driving Health Care Workers From Small Towns

The virus infecting thousands of Americans a day is also attacking the country's social fabric. The coronavirus has exposed a weakness in many rural committees, where divisive pandemic politics is alienating some of their most critical residents - health care workers.


  1. Toxic is anything that isn't a safe space for a liberal retard.

  2. Too bad no one wants to be bothered with a bunch of crazy stupid white people who are too dumb to wear a mask to slow the spread. Even other white people are tired of these clowns.

  3. Hey lady, you could have just shut up, done your job and minded you own business, but, you're a liberal and had to preach your beliefs to those who just wanted you to shut up and do your job.

    Adults do not need busybody loudmouths telling them how to lead their lives.

    Good riddance, I really doubt anyone there will actually miss you.

  4. NPR hates small towns because they're often filled with a lot of Republicans. NPR is full of sh*t and has a liberal agenda like CNN, MSNBC and all the other MSM outlets. They want to see these towns turn into ghost towns.

  5. Wear a mask and slow the spread, lol. How about health care workers offer better advise and lay off the jellyroll judgements. Masks are as effective as sandbags in a once in a 100 year flood. These healthcare workers are butt hurt that their choreographed dance performances in scrubs are getting ridiculed on the internet. How about stressing to the public that having comorbidities is a set up for poor Covid-19 outcomes, strategies for better metabolic health, value of exercise, vitamin D supplementation, diet and lifestyle upgrades. In summary, individual responsibility! Wear a mask, a Nazi mandate.

  6. Really BigNuts, effective as sandbags? Is that what Infowars told you? Breitbart? Just put one over your ugly fucking grill and while you're at it you can smell the ass that the rest of the world has been dealing with every time you open up your pie hole poop breath. Try flossing every now and again yuck mouth.

  7. 5:22 - Good one, I love zingers. Your reply is a proxy for the lunacy of the mask wearing zealots. Comedy comes easy for you. You may continue to wear your face diaper and remain confident that I will stay at a minimum of 6 feet from you!


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