Overland Park Prostitution Case Aftermath

A peek at justice and hard time in the Golden Ghetto . . . Check-it:

Overland Park woman sentenced on prostitution charge

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - An Overland Park woman was sentenced Monday to five years of federal supervised release on a prostitution charge, according to U.S. Attorney for Kansas Stephen McAllister. Chunqui Wu, 62, also was ordered to pay a $55,000 fine. She pleaded guilty in August to one count of transportation with intent to engage in illicit sexual contact.


  1. I suppose the $55,000 fine is to repay the city for all the money detectives spent on screwing all the girls to build a case?

  2. A $55,000 fine!??

    How is she supposed to pay that?

    The prostitute is not the criminal. The prostitute is the victim. The customers are the criminals.

    How much were they fined?

  3. ..not a "happy ending" for Wu..

  4. Legalize and tax it. Make it a consistent positive for the city.

  5. omahcake cukup mahal jiak itu harus di bayar

  6. 62 years old... and prostituting? Gawd!

  7. Since the seventies, every year there seems to be a Rub and Tug story coming out of these places. Hell, there is even an website called Rub Maps that list them and their prices. Not that I've visited it. I'm a more of a Truck Stop restroom 4am on a Sunday kind of guy.

  8. @ 62... Probably pled down from pimping. She should just argued that it's part of her culture and the cops were systemically racist and the Johns were cheap.

  9. Does anyone have Chunky Wu's phone number so I can investigate this case further ?

    Don't tell sister-wife as I am acting undercover !

    Happy Hannukah !

    China Joe Biden
    Commander in Briefs

  10. 10:41 nailed it

    what a sorrowful vice is this, to gratify ones desires on some sad woman with a careworn face, who you know probably hates you while you are doing it!

    radish has his vices but thank God this isn't one of them


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