Overland Park Council Dude Domestic Drama Charge Dismissed: Damage Done?!?

In the ongoing fight for a man's rights, we share news of a local politico who STILL STANDS INNOCENT of any alleged wrongdoing. 

The reality of his political future still might be sketchy given that colleagues were quick to talk about his removal and further investigation BEFORE a judge or jury heard his case.

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Charge dismissed against Overland Park city councilman

OLATHE, KS (AP/KCTV) - A court case in Johnson County has been derailed in-part by Covid-19. While the case could be refiled at a later date, a judge has dismissed a misdemeanor domestic battery charge against an Overland Park city councilman. Councilman Scott Hamblin was charged after police were called to his home on July 21.


  1. The politically connected live by a separate set of rules.

  2. Women live by a different set of rules. Guilty until proven innocent if accused by a women.


  3. This doesn't mean the charges can't be refiled when the cop is well. So unless the charge was dismissed with prejudice they should file it again.

    And if they do what's right that's what will be done.

  4. The councilman looks like a cunt and not capable of doing much harm.

  5. This case is dead and won't be refiled. The judge could have granted a continuance so that tells me the case is weak and if the so called victim isn't cooperating the state has no case. I really doubt anyone looked to hard to find her.

    This whole case more or less stinked from the beginning and I really believe the judge saw and smelled it as well.


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