Outcry Against Aaron Coleman Persists

A young, controversial Kansas elected official has encountered increasing opposition whilst he poses as progressive but is actually doing a provocative and ill-advised bit of political performance art.

Check this roundup of continued arguments against the newly elected Internets bad guy. . .

Aaron Coleman, the Abusive Teenager Elected to Kansas House, Reportedly Still Harassing Women

Aaron Coleman was elected to the Kansas House of Representatives in November, despite having admitted to circulating nude photos of a 12-year-old girl when he was 14 after she refused to send him nudes directly. He has also admitted to pressuring another girl to attempt suicide at the same age.


  1. He's your, Democrats.
    Suck it up.

  2. Well Republicans had a chance to vote against him but I guess they're just huge pussies

  3. 4:08 very lame


  4. goober Demosleazeballs voted for the abusive perv..to get Mo' Free Stuff!

    Hell..they even lowered themselves to vote for abusive perv Creepy Joe Bidet!

  5. He's the posterchild for the modern DemocRAT party.

  6. Serial rapist starter kit.

  7. ^^How many women accused Trump of sexual assault?

    I lost count at twenty. He called one woman a liar & she's suing him. The Courts have ruled that he can't use DOJ lawyers for this one. This one isn't going away, either. He called her a liar, now he has to prove she lied. In other words, he has to prove his innocence.

    Also, charges of tax evasion & insurance fraud are waiting ...


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