Old School Kansas City Remembered

Local fiction offers a journey through this town's past and perspective on a legacy of tourist schemes that brought us to this point . . . i.e. impending bankruptcy.

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Kansas City's wooden racetrack is only the beginning of author's cautionary tale

By Kathy Feist John Thomas Pierce' history novel The Million Dollar Speedway takes readers on a fast ride through Kansas City's history, starting with Belgian settlers in 1852, a wooden speedway in the 1920s and ending in heatwave summers of 1979-81 when environmental pollutants sent blue collar families to the hospitals.


Super Dave said…
I have read this book and it is a must read if history and interesting facts are something you crave.
Anonymous said…
hey if still around , where was that board track at? only around for two years in the 20s ... must have had a lot of cheap lumber laying around in those days

can't imagine any trace of it still exists ... so if you know, where was it?

KC needs a velodrome nowadays, a safe place for spandex dorks to speed around on their expensive bikes, so they quit clamoring for bike lanes to ruin my road routes. and then they are afraid of cars so they take their spandex show on the rec paths and are frankly a bit terrifying to the peds