Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Newsflash: Kansas City Restaurants Shut Down Amid COVID-19 Economic Devastation

There's not much news in this missive that offers a roundup of KCMO small biz bad tidings that continues and is likely to worsen amid the "dark days" of the pandemic.

Local newsies want readers to pay at least 50 bucks a month for this "journalism" that most local news organizations have already covered . . . Check-it . . .

The pandemic is causing Kansas City's restaurants to close

From the Filipino pickled condiment atchara to the sizzling pork dish sisig, everything about KC Pinoy was inspired by Chrissy Nucum's grandmother. What started out as a Filipino food truck in Kansas City grew into a brick-and-mortar restaurant in 2018.


Anonymous said...

Pretty bad for times for restaurants, but I hate to say that many of these owners voted for Trump and the GOP. Also voted GOP at the Missouri state level. Big mistake. You stupid white folks are so willing to follow the GOP because of their racist positions, that you fail to see that their economic policies are bad for business. Trump screwed them royally.

Unknown said...

You're a commie idiot.

Alpinista's illegitimate son said...

Wow, more inane TDS....Can we expect everything from toenail fungus to hemorrhoids to be Trump's fault the next four years.

Wait until the REAL CLOWN show starts on Jan 20.

Alpinista said...

Only a Republican would use the phrase "illegitimate son".

Everyone else has moved beyond that stupid shit.

I'm looking forward to Donald Trump's arrest for tax fraud.

Anonymous said...

Will restaurants revolt and deny Mayor 10-10-10 and Wrecks Archer from dining?

While Florida encourages dining and sees no correlation from science of Corona and infections.... somehow Mayor 10-10-10 and Wrecks force restrictions that make a Billy Goat puke.

And KC infections increase. And now they want to tax you while you work from home in the suburbs.

Time to move away like NY and California. And keep eating out in any city not named KC.

And be so sorry for any past sins.... just have the KC Star apologize- no need for confessionals. Heard the Catholic Church is pissed.

Jovid19 said...

You are obviously stupid.

Anonymous said...

Democrats tax and tear down everything and wonder why whitey moves away.

I doubt there has been a fair election that a Democrat won in 20 years.

It's all rigged.

Anonymous said...

Professor McDrinkerson! Your glorious legacy includes not only record murders but the death of many local businesses!
What's next in your parade of failure?

Anonymous said...

Good riddance to kc pinoy. Misandrist display all throughout the restaurant. Always thought there might have been a little uhog into the plate headed for mens.

Anonymous said...

Restuarant owners voting GOP. ha ,I don't think so.