New Normal: Amazon Hiring Kansas City

In this "job of the future" the restroom breaks are at a premium but it beats waiting tables . . . Given that waiting tables is mostly illegal right now.

Check-it . . .

Kansas City-area woman finds new career at Amazon during busy shipping season

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Holiday shipping in 2020 is expected to reach high volumes, and companies like Amazon have hired thousands to keep up. "It feels like maybe Santa's little workshop around here sometimes," Amazon employee Leah Rawdon said. Rawdon has worked at the Amazon fulfillment center in Kansas City, Kansas, for nine months.


  1. Learn to code now learn to load...

  2. A couple of stay at home married women I know have ended up working at Amazon this year. Kids in high school or middle school they are bored so they headed to Amazon got hired really quick and appear to enjoy the heck out of working there. Both claim to be getting $15 and more per hour and picking up an extra 2000 plus a month. Lets just say they don't bitch about their job and neither is planning on quitting either as they are enjoy the heck out of the extra money they are making.

    There is work out there if you're not to lazy to go and apply for it and agree to follow a few simple rules like bathe and don't look like a meth head or smell like one as you show up for your shift on time each day you're scheduled.

  3. Too bad they put it way out in western kck.

  4. Billionaires making billions while small businesses that employ 80% of the workforce are forced out of business by corrupt politicians and a overblown politicized virus.

    Fuck your new normal, it will last only as long as you let it. Suckers.

  5. ^^The pandemic is NOT being overblown.

    Republicans won't wear a mask, won't social distance & won't take the vaccine.

    What's really funny, is they think they are smarter than Democrats, even though the evidence suggests they're idiots.

  6. 11:54 yet they're still 'live and kicking, even if they're unlucky enough to catch it, imagine that...


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