Missouri Rick GOP Boots Roeber

Following scathing election season allegations from his adult children, the Missouri GOP disown a low-rent member of their party and silence progressive MSM critics on the sordid topic.

Check-it . . .

Republican accused of abusing his children denied membership in House GOP caucus * Missouri Independent

Rick Roeber, the Republican elected to the Missouri House while facing allegations by his adult children that he physically and sexually abused them when they were young, will not be allowed to caucus with his party when the legislative session begins next month.


  1. The GOP is also a pandemic that needs to be wiped out like covid.

  2. Nah, they've just been hijacked by a small but extremely vocal minority, it's happened before (McCarthy/Nixon), and they've always been able to find their way back to the middle, where America lives.

    Hopefully they'll undergo a "sea change" and return to true fiscal conservatism, abandoning the Reagan era "Voodoo Economics" and recognizing that a sane level of taxation and minimal Deficit Spending are desirable and achievable goals.

    We need the GOP (purged of its current delusions) as a counterweight to overenthusiastic populism from the Democrats.

  3. 8:28 you paint a pretty rosy picture of the GOP, as if the damage of the last 4 years was just a little excessive, and all that is needed is to move back to the center a little bit. No what needs to happen is to purge the remaining scumbags like McConnel, and that old Klansman Parsons and turn the Justice department and the FBI loose on the rest. The GOP needs to pay big for the lives they have destroyed.

  4. 9:48 your just pissed off that Missourians are smart enough to know the dimwits can’t evar be in charge and never will be.

    Just be glad they got rid of a cancer and let it go, you people don’t have the guts to admit your own sins and eliminate your own cancerous people, you idiots embrace murderers, rapists, thieves, trannies, abortion and more so you really don’t have any room to talk....

  5. Well, the 2020 Census may well upset the GOP's "Project Redmap" gerrymandering of Missouri to the point where voter equality is reestablished, which means that you Republicans are in a world of hurt in 2022.

    Having 46% of the State's voters gerrymandered into control of 63% of all State Elective Offices not only violates Federal Law, it violates the State's own Constitution.

    Just how long do you Republicans think you can get away with that crap?
    Especially when the People are in the level of economic distress that they are now, and your Party is desperately struggling at the National level to hang onto the remains of political power that they still possess and ignoring the Country's people completely.

  6. the comments on national trends ... who cares, this is a unique local, intensely local, weird story,

    tragic death of a pretty-solidly situated state rep.

    her odd widower runs for the seat, a little soon, but, okay, that's okay. he barefoot runs the legacy forward or whatever

    he's more than a little odd. some shit-o-grams received from his grown kids saying what a total dirtbag perv he is or was, back when they were kids. he denies, but the allegations are credible!

    but due in part to all the mail ballots, and the fact likely that he has the popular last name, and just people don't think on the down ballot races they are looking at Trump/Biden at the top ....

    fuck he actually wins the seat!

    maybe a lot of democrats voted for him just for fun, sport, spite, and orneriness

    well the republicans hope he just goes away.

    he doesn't!

    the democrats have their fun. investigations. make the republicans expel him.

    will he litigate? are the constituents of this district, denied representation by the tragic death of one state rep, now denied representation by the undemocratic actions of the house ... and so on and on the argument could go ....

    didn't someone just offer him something quietly when these allegations surfaced? something so he quietly steps aside? why not?


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