Missouri Democrats Betray #MeToo And Stall On Demands For Rep's Resignation

So much for election season chatter that hoped our society would 'start by believing women' as the latest unsexy Missouri crisis reminds us of the continued branding trouble for the super-minority . . . Check-it:

House ethics panel seeks censure of Missouri Democrat accused of having sex with intern * Missouri Independent

A St. Louis lawmaker should be censured, stripped of his committee assignments and pay the costs of an investigation that concluded he had sex with an intern and retaliated against an employee who reported it, the Missouri House Ethics stated in a report issued Wednesday .


  1. Why should this bevaior be a surprise, or any different than anything else the democraps do - two sets of standards: one for them and their donors, and another for everyone else.

  2. sooooo, like Republicans, basically.

  3. Looked him up on HOUSE.MO.GOV
    Nothing stands out, seems very liberal/progressive (based on his sponsorship record). The bipartisan committee found him guilty. I think he should be fired ASAP.

  4. How many women accused Trump of sexual assault?

    I lost count at twenty!

    Yeah, different standards.

    1. Also, beside the point and a cowardly deflection. Just stop pretending to have one standard on ethics, because everyone knows you don't.

  5. You can take the boy out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of the boy.

  6. So, when do we get a picture of the intern? Was it a woman or a homosexual man?

  7. If it weren’t for double standards the dimwits and their followers would have none at all so....

    1:13 while in office? Prove it.

  8. If the male politicians who aren't screwing around in Jefferson City had a caucus they could do it in a phone booth. At least she wasn't paid for by a lobbyist.

  9. Isn't he the porn star Long Dong Silver?


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