Friday, December 11, 2020

Missouri Democratic Party Leaders Continue To Attack Republican Super Majority Support Of Prez Trump After Losing Every Statewide Contest

Interesting strategy, the Missouri Democrats suffered a historic lost and they're following it up by repeating the same strategy that sparked their HISTORIC AND DISAPPOINTING FAIL.

Check-it . . .

Missouri Republicans give up representing their state

After Joe Biden won the presidency, prominent politicians took to the courts on claims that the election was rigged. Current President Donald Trump has tweeted multiple times that the election actually ended in his victory and wanted people to "STOP THE COUNT." His crewmates share the same sentiments and spread the same heavily disputed message.


Anonymous said...

UMMMM NO this is not true. There has been some RINO"s but we are in the fight. And we will take this fight to the streets if we have to. The judges that kicked the fraud out of court are Bush RINO judges and Obama communist judges. They are lower court judges. So some RINO's have turn on this nation it's was about time we cleaned house anyway. Oh and Joe has not won the presidency. No one has as of yet. But for the most part Trump won in a landslide. Those two mother and daughter black women are going to go to prison we will not let them off of the cheating they did.

Anonymous said...

Uhhhh... @4:35 - the Judges that kicked Trump's lawsuits out the door today are THE SUPREME COURT!

Tine has run out, all States have certified their Electoral Slates, and the Electors vote on Monday. There's no place to go after that.