Tuesday, December 01, 2020

Missouri Counts 4,000 COVID-19 Dead

Tragic count and more deets about the threat of a pandemic season surge that many public health officials claim is already underway . . . Read more:

Coronavirus Deaths in Missouri Top 4,000 As Hospitals Worry About Capacity for Rising Number of Patients

COVID-19-related deaths in Missouri hit 4,006 in updated data released by the state Tuesday, as officials on both sides of the state line worried that hospitals in rural and metropolitan areas were reaching capacity. In Missouri, 19,716 new cases, including 60 deaths, were reported in the last seven days, according to a public health dashboard run by the state.


Anonymous said...

The amazing thing is that the flu, pneumonia, heart disease and cancer have all become less deadly in this time.

Anonymous said...

^^^WTF are you talking about jackoff? Are you a fucking board certified Doctor? No? Maybe shut the fuck up.

Anonymous said...

^^^ 3:12 is right, that’s what the dimwits have been saying all along with the freak outs over supposed hospital bed shortages. This has forced hospitals to play a game of nobody gets in the hospital unless you have the Kung fu flu, what they’re telling people is your cancer, pneumonia and heart disease doesn’t get to be looked at until they say it’s ok.

3:46 you win the biggest idiot award so far today.

Anonymous said...

Millie, OP ain't wrong. According to the CDC, take it for what is worth, has recorded 6,845 flu deaths. That's not normalized or standardized; just the straight number. We dropped from 60-100k flu deaths over the last decade to less than 7,000 so far this year.

Anonymous said...

You seem sadly confused on what a pandemic is?