Wednesday, December 09, 2020


The Show-Me State politico offers help to "lead" the effort but doesn't really offer many deets about his role.

Here's the best roundup of the case that I've read . . .

Texas asks U.S. Supreme Court to help Trump upend election in long-shot lawsuit

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Missouri joins 'fight' alongside Texas to challenge election before Supreme Court

Eric Schmitt, the attorney general from Missouri, announced on Twitter late Tuesday that his state is "in the fight" after Texas announced its election challenge that would invalidate the 62 Electoral College votes from four battleground states and award President Trump with a second term.


Anonymous said...

Schmitt is nearly as embarrassing for Missouri as that damned idiot Hawley!

Anonymous said...'s either 1776 or 1861, take your pick, doesn't matter which because china joe biden will never be president.

Anonymous said...

Not until the next six weeks pass he won't, so enjoy what time you have left.

Anonymous said...

806 what part of never do you not understand?

Anonymous said...

The part where you think anything you or your fellow Basement Bois threaten the American People with means as much as one of Trump's Twitter farts.


Anonymous said...

This is just like the lying, cheating white man, if you can't win fair, then try to cheat and steal to get what you want. Sick.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Sidney Powell's "Kraken" is really a "Crackup" instead!
The Loser-In-Chief Loses two more, and the clock keeps ticking.

Anonymous said...

These guys are fucking retards pandering to other retards. Their argument is essentially that Hiliary didn't get this many votes last time and how could Biden possibly exceed her votes. What they fail to understand is the level of disdain for Trump.

And 7:24, put the fucking crack pipe down moron. Let me just grease the skids for you and soften that pending meltdown. Biden will be POTUS on 1/20.

Anonymous said...

Election officials took bribes in the form of mortgage loans including some secretary of state and attorney generals allegedly.

Blood money from banks, thus election official know truth and know if they dont lie about the voter fraud they are doomed.

These are gifts and no payments made on them allegedly.

Pattern going back to the clinton days.

Smart folks realized Biden statement in October of his admission of voter fraud used before and in 2020.

Biden in basement for months. President Trump campaigned from 1st day in office for 4 years.

Biden play book from old james b. Nutter who used this scheme to gain office for those he and cronies needed in office going back to the pendergast days allegedly.

Nutter alleged pendergast his mentor.

Mccaskill, cleaver, jay nixon, dunns,roy blunt, kit bond, jackson county city hall old timers freedom INC, and several kc lawfirms and older judges federal and county knew this for years allegedly.
How is retired judge standridge, formerly married to atty Linda tarpley who was a former election board official.

Now married to a kansas supreme court judge name melissa, live in big house in leawood kansas and be on the bench in jackson county missouri.

How did this happen, name on ballot living in Kansas. Fake address in jackson county..

Same judge standridge name on subprime mortgages on paperwork for crooked banks in the 1980s allegedly.

Annabel nutter knows this and his son. ALLEGEDLY j. B. Nutter mortgage a front for all that has harmed in election process in u.s.

Control the ballot box and you controll the world nutter alleged.

Folks believe their vote means something.

It doesn't they do this to control outcomes. Mayorial races, governors, school board, city hall and presidential elections nation wide and in foreign countries.

Kcmo election official allegedly conducted elections in foreign countries for years with the blessing of d.c.

Justice cries from the streets, the hills, the rivers,the defrauded souls that were disenfranchised but truth will rein and be the victory and you the victor...

Anonymous said...

^^^seek mental help wierdo

Anonymous said...

Trump is attempting a coup, and his cult-like followers are aiding and abetting what is transparently a criminal act.

Seriously, how many times can you blind folks be lied to, led astray, duped and otherwise conned by the obvious conman in chief? Release the Kraken? Seriously, you guys sound like children. Grow the fuck up and open your eyes.

And you attempt to impugn Joe Biden's character by calling him "China Joe"? Just look at the dump's business ties to China (oh, and his kids too, especially Ivanka-and just imagine if Obama had a kid with a fucked up foreign sounding name like that). Trump ties anyone? Made in China, naturally.

Anonymous said...

What a waste of time, money and energy. From the party of fiscal responsibility, no less.

Anonymous said...

10 AM. Well described. Thanks.

Do not forget the KC City Clowncil and all the developer deals and the Star protecting Clever, Sly and Quentin.

Or, the unneeded hotel and airport and criminal and ethical violations of Loar and others.

Or, the vicious, lying political operatives that falsely accuse their opponents of their own corruption.

And the Star protects this corruption and cloaks itself with a liberal agenda and the promoting of anarchist BLM and antifa destroying a once great city.


Super Dave said...

It is funny how we have gone from the Russians rigged the election to the election cannot be rigged !

Anonymous said...

It's called collusion Super Dumb and there was a helluva lot more evidence of it than fraud.

Anonymous said...

^^^^You're wrong and didn't read what Super Dave said ya idiot. He's smart and right and you're stupid and wrong.

Anonymous said...

Nah. It's called making sure we have free and fair elections in the face of overwhelming evidence of fraud. Chinese officials themselves only yesterday were vocally grateful that their boy Joe was going to be easier to deal with, and spoke more openly than you're going to like about their private arrangements with Joe and his crackhead son.

Character? Which one? The sexual assaulting, racist, corrupt, demented Joe Biden, or his child-molesting, crackhead, grifter son? Or perhaps you meant Kamala Harris, who only became successful due to her ability to skillfully fellate a corrupt married official many decades her senior?

Hey are the Medicis available? Your guys are a trash fire.

Anonymous said...

^^and yet 80,000,000 people voted for them and they trounched your boy Trump the dump.

Anonymous said...

It's 'trounced', Chimpy. Please gets you mo' educations.

Anonymous said...

12:24 - no fuckface, the accusation was Trump colluded with the Russians in order to help his campaign. so go fuck off. And let me save you the time of your sad response of "he was acquitted of collusion by the Senate" and clarify that he was acquitted of collusion by a bunch of Republicans who are now spouting these bullshit voter fraud claims.

And for you 12:34, where was your simp ass in 2016. What? No fraud then? Was a much closer election, right? While we're at it dipshit, maybe we just need to go revisit every single election back to the 60's?

Get it through your thick skulls to that fucking addled brain of yours. Your guy FUCKING LOST. He LOST BIG. Put it in your pipe and smoke it and go on home. Losers.

Anonymous said...

So triggered! And all for nothing. No collusion is still no collusion no matter how badly you don't like it. We investigated election problems then and we are now. What are you so worried about?

And it seems like your interest in election interference is pretty selective. Could it be that you're only interested in it sometimes? Surely not.

Calm yourself and you'll make more sense. Weren't there intense, highly partisan investigations from the moment Trump took office? Why don't you want to look at election problems now?

I can tell you're upset. Stay tuned! ;)

Anonymous said...

^^Blow me while I shit CHUD.

Anonymous said...

Hey 2:02, that fat fuck with the dead ferret on his head who's cock you dream about daily? yeah, that dipshit.....he lost. He will leave, Biden will take over and adults will be running the show again.

Stay tuned for what? Hunter's laptop? Obamagate? The Durham Report? What's next man? I'm on pins and needles here. Rudy gonna release the kraken after he changes the oil dripping off his head and after we wipes snot all over his face. Maybe after shits his pants? Where's the next big presser at? The local Ace hardware. Fuck, you're pathetic.

Anonymous said...

As someone who voted Democratic, I’m embarrassed by 2:31 and 4:22. Is that really the only way you guys can defend our candidate? With a lot of trash talk? Grow up guys, it is possible to win and actually be gracious about it.

Anonymous said...

I think I’m a stud
When I call you a CHUD
But I’m really a dud
Just beating my pud.

Anonymous said...

Yep, more of the same. Your themes are poop and cock, without which you cannot form a thought. I have to address your empty ad hominem because you have proven over and over you simply don't do this well. ;)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sad really.. every single one of these idiots need to be thrown out of office. There is NOT a single legal standing of any sort to overthrow the results of a federal election in which even the AG Barr says no evidence. You fools and following the Pied Piper Trump down this rat hole. Destroying democracy one twitter rage at a time.. SHAME !

Tab said...

This election was a total SCAM. It needs to be declared void and we need a REAL, monitored, honest election held.

Tab said...

No collusion? And the Steele dossier was a fact filled, how stupid can you be? That wasn't a challenge, I actually know how stupid you can be you lying dog pony soldier