Meet New City Manager: Already Tagged In Kansas City As Racist

Roundup report that rehashes most of the community discontent we've already covered and notes the strong urban core objections to the new 12th & Oak honcho that's soon to start his new role as "hatchet man" amid harsh times.

Check-it . . .

Kansas City Signed A Deal With It's New City Manager Despite Charges Of Racism In His Last Job

The Kansas City Council approved a contract with a new city manager over objections based on how Brian Platt allegedly treated Black workers as a top official in Jersey City, New Jersey. Platt is named along with eight others as a defendant in a lawsuit filed by 10 Jersey City employees claiming discrimination based on race and age.


  1. Minorities and their attorneys charging "racism"in employment suits and then settling for six-figure payouts is an identifiable industry, especially in local government.
    And KCMO is no different.
    He'll try to do his best to bring some competence and accountability to KCMO government and it won't be long before employees who are used to doing whatever they want bring the same claims here.
    Anyone who has ever tried to work with some of the departments at 12th and Oak could tell you just how unpleasant it can be.
    "Diversity and inclusion", not competence and performance are the highest priorities.
    The revs and the rest of the east-side usual suspects will visit him soon.

  2. ""Diversity and inclusion", not competence and performance are the highest priorities."

    Succinct, PERFECT summation. Those policies are raging out of control.

  3. ^^^^ Winner winner chicken dinner.

  4. Anybody who is white is now labeled a racist.

    It's insulting and the term has no meaning anymore.

    Fuck them, no longer worth being nice and helpful to these racist assholes.

    If they don't get their way on some item; they will call a white person racist no matter what.

  5. Did he say "FUCK NIGGERS!!!!!!!"


    Did he say "FUCK NIGGERS!!!!" in his mind?

    What happened then?

    Oh.., he is white..., oh..., ok, he must be racist then and is guilty of saying "FUCK NIGGERS!!!!" in his mind until proven innocent.

  6. Agree with 6:49 snd 7:47.

  7. Well he ought to fit right in at city hall. Look how often the city has paid off lawsuits alleging racism by city employees. What's the problem.

  8. Geesus Chuck, settle the fuck down.

  9. He’s racist? I like this guy already!

  10. 8:30 Black people hate whitey and it is way past time to hate them right back.

    Oprah - "And there’s a whole generation, I said this for apartheid South Africa, I said this for my own, you know, community in the South, there are still generations of people, older people, who were born and bred and marinated in it, in that prejudice and racism, and they just have to die."

    Cause, you know..., things are just going swimmingly in South Africa and Zimbabwe since they killed off whitey.

    Louis Farrakhan (Obama's best buddy) - Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan told his followers at a “Justice or Else” meeting in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, “White people deserve to die.” and he added, “They know it to be true.”

    “Either you die or he dies,” Farrakhan said. “God is with you. That’s why we say, ‘Allah Akbar.’ God is great. We have no weapon. We bother nobody. Then if you come to take our life, don’t be surprised if you lose your own.”

    You dumb ass white boys who think if you make deals with these devils, then these devils will kill you last are nuts. The Devil is interested in blood and proximity and not necessarily in that order.

    They hate you whitey and want you dead and tell you every day.

  11. "I love making movies where I get to kill all of the white people."

  12. 8:45 10 years or so ago I would have challenged you on those remarks, but after 8 years of Obama and destroying racial harmony while cowtowing to every need or whim of some folks, I am leaning more and more toward believing what you’re saying

  13. Kameltoe Harris12/4/20, 8:57 AM

    First post, excellent!

  14. The best advice is just to avoid black people altogether.

    Then they can't twist one's words out of context and call you a racist.

    They are brought up to hate whites and have perpetuated racism in our country for decades despite the trillions of taxpayer funds spent on their behalf, Affirmative Action, EEOC, preferential promotion policies, MBE, open college admissions, dumbing down of tests, ACLU, NAACP, special scholarships, six-figure salaried Directors of Diversity at every college and corporation, and everything else specifically created to give them an advantage over other ethnicities.

  15. North of the river should secede from Mogadishu of the Plains and require special passports to cross the bridges.

  16. White Progressives think they are "cool" if they hate themselves and engage in ethnomasochistic behavior. Self flagellation and the "Hate Whitey" ululations are the Progressive Cri De Coeur in gatherings of these lemmings where decibel level as opposed to logic denotes status.

    It's all so pathetically and fuckin Comme Il Faut. Jim Jones, drink the kool-aid morons seeking acceptance from the very people who in turn seek their destruction "By any means necessary".

    White Progressives, before they get out of bed every single day, start off with STUPID. Then, go from there.

  17. Oh shit, Chuck is quoting that damned Commie, Il Faut again!

  18. ^^^ and you know this how?

  19. Chuck your boss're late for work again. A whole batch of biscuits burned. It's coming out of you check he said. Get your lazy ass to work and don't burn my biscuits today.

  20. I suppose nobody ever filed a race or sex discrimination claim while Sly was Mayor? Wouldn't that make him a racist too?

    Of course they did. For the city like every other employer, firing an incompetent or lazy black or woman employee nearly always results in a discrimination complain. It's universally regarded as just another cost of doing business, like paying for utilities or trash pickup.

  21. the real bandit darville says i moved out of your killa shitta city of course he is white so he is a racist the real bandit darville is out trans am number 1

  22. cri de coeur - noun [ usually singular ]
    an urgent and strongly felt request for help from someone in a very bad situation

  23. Platt has to be tainted or he wouldn't end up in Kansas City.

  24. 10:48 - said the guy cleaning the toilets at Burger King.

  25. Good. Our little Donald Trump will blend in splendidly. He can see already that White people live on one side, BLacks on another, Mexicans on another, etc. This is a racist little town.

  26. 12:30 and we like it that way, keep the blacks trapped in the central core that way when we build the wall for containment it’ll be easier, they can’t run anywhere else! Remember this is a kkkdimwit run city that’s a third world shithole so you can’t blame anybody else with all the evidence that presents itself daily. After all, it’s the dimwit way amirite! Hahahahaha!

  27. Why would anyone think that the City Hall gang, all the idiots who think of themselves as activists/advocates of the downtrodden, etc. would give this guy even an iota of a chance?!?


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