Mayor Q Contemplates Kansas City 2030

A thoughtful podcast conversation offers a glimpse at the not-so-distant future when Kansas City might finally start to emerge from inevitable bankruptcy.

Take a listen . . .

The future of Downtown KC - Mayor Q's perspective

This week, the Imagine Downtown KC podcast features an exclusive conversation with Mayor Quinton Lucas. Born and raised in Kansas City, Mayor Q offers a unique perspective about the future of Downtown KC and shares insights from his interactions with citizens in person and online.



  2. Maybe Qball should watch Escape from L.A.

  3. Professor McDrinkerson shares his interactions! Oh, boy!!

    Professor, there are lots of interactions going on all the time that you should know about! We have rolling gun battles through neighborhoods, bodies laying in the streets for days, and a record year for murders!

    Maybe as you're sharing your perspectives and such, you can address actual problems in the city you pretend to govern! Just a thought.

  4. Watch any Mad Max movie and you'll have a pretty good idea Quinton. You are a one man wrecking ball!

  5. Can we please get rid of that fucking idiot?

  6. The Mayor's idea of the future is to shut down more business' and make people wear masks forever.

    Just another Democrat who literally wrecks anything he touches.


  7. Mayor Lucas doesn't want to talk to or interact with anyone outside of black and gay. This mayor has taken a nice city and along with Sly James have divided it and trashed it.

  8. The Mayor is with hi BLM friends now. They are going to head out later to burn down some more business' because his edicts are not closing up mom and pop restaurants fast enough.

    Mr. Mayor is planning to sink as many small business' as he can in as short a time as possible and that means he will need those Democrat BLM terrorists to help him. Then after we are all spiraling down the crapper, he will run again and the idiots here in this city, will probably vote him in.

    NO JUSTICE NO PEACE! Burn whitey out!!!

  9. The only question now is which goes totally down the toilet first:

    The country under sniffer and skanky or KC under qball....


    Kemet Coleman is a black man who constantly looks to draw attention to himself, dressing up in costumes, singing and dancing.

    Quinton Lucas is a black man who's constantly been lauded because he can speak well, not above-average, but well. Notice how Quinton slips into his "black brother jive talk slang" with this black interviewee? It's an example of Quinton's schizophrenic pandering depending upon who his current audience is. It's a characteristic of inauthenticity.

  11. contemplate means it's thursday afternoon and i'll get back to you sometime next week.

  12. Quinton Lucas fucks up when he wakes up.

  13. Kansas City in 2030?
    Just watch the movie “I am legion”, That’s what it will look like


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