Living Your Kansas City 'Best Life' In 2021?!?

Sorry, this life advice only applies to college hotties who can still afford 10 buck smoothies in the midst of American economic devastation.

Still, a worthwhile read whilst reloading bank info to see if that 600 bucks made it to an underfunded bank account.

Check-it . . .

Chapter 21: Pandemic Edition

21 is the year that is often looked forward to if you live in the United States.


  1. "With many of the things that happened this year in relation to social justice issues in particular, it made me realize how important it is to continue to learn. It doesn’t matter if you think you already did your part or how “woke” you think you are, there is always something new to learn to become better allies with members of our communities. This also means taking the time to look into your own bias and unlearning things in order to be better, even if it's uncomfortable."

    Fuckin great, more lectures from out betters who sat at the feet of some Alinsky loving professor and figured out how the world works at 19.

    " This year has been challenging. There were moments where I was really worried about my family and their safety."

    Yeah, cause you never can tell when some evil white boy is gonna jump out from behind a bush and steal your fuckin burrito. What fuckin dreck. This is so bad we might have to reconsider white girls again..., eh..., probably not.

  2. Class of 2021! I hear there is an opening at a Asian Message parlor in Olathe.

  3. She never mentions how often she spreads her legs and gets fucked really deep and hard. Probably not very often since she is at UMKC where over 90% of males students are homosexuals or transgenders.

  4. ^^we didn't know that you blew them all until now. Way to out yourself 8:14!

  5. No one will be able to lead their "best life" in 2021 with evil Democrats in charge.


  6. Nancy Pelosi is a hateful, atheist, Communist.

    However, I do like her saggy tits when I sniff her hair!

    Happy Hannukah !!

    China Joe Biden

  7. Stopped at ""

  8. "Chuck" @6:35, each and every one of us had "figured out how the World works at 19", but most of us outgrew that.
    But, there are some, like you, who didn't advance intellectually beyond that point and still cling to the fallacy that we can understand the World.


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