Thursday, December 17, 2020

KCMO Suffers 100 Car Crash Deaths In 2020

A tragic milestone was counted today amid this year of historic suffering . . . Police said a South side man is the 100th person in 2020 to die in a crash in KCMO.

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Man struck by vehicle while waiting for bus dies a week after crash in south Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City police say an injury crash that happened near a bus stop at Blue Ridge and Sycamore on the afternoon of December 9 has turned deadly. KCPD says a 65-year-old man died at the hospital from injuries suffered in the crash, he passed away on Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

How many involved cell phones ? Unlicensed drivers ?
Black drivers ?

Anonymous said...

^^^ all the above

Anonymous said...

Call your idiot mayor he's the one pushing for the kids to block streets and have racing party's. Better yet wait outside of city hall and ram his ass and see how he likes it. That light bulb head of his would explode.

Anonymous said...

it would be good to know the reasons. drunk driving, mechanical failure, health reasons, stuff falling off another vehicle, inattention, etc.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How many of the 100 car wreck deaths were classified as Covid-19 deaths?


Better shut down all of the streets in addition to small businesses.

Anonymous said...

Headline correction:

Man struck by coronavirus while waiting for bus dies a week after crash in south Kansas City.

He obviously wasn't wearing a mask, social distancing, or staying away from small businesses.

KC Health Department has fined his heirs and poured bleach in his coffin.

KC Council was deliberately ignoring the health/safety of residents so they could spend more borrowed money on creating an LGBTQ commission.

Everything's up-to-date in KCMO.