KCMO Brother & Sister Murder Aftermath

Police are still looking for suspects following a tragic double murder amid the RECORD BREAKING 2020 Kansas City homicide spike.

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Brother and sister shot, killed at Kansas City apartments identified

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - On Thursday Kansas City police identified a brother and sister who were shot dead on the city's southside Wednesday morning. Police say 21-year-old Roy Bausby and 20-year-old Gabriel Freeman died in the double shooting. Investigators say this happened at Canyon Creek Apartments, near 93rd & Bales, and this puts Kansas City [...]


  1. Murderers go to Hell.

  2. Roy and Gabriel were brother and sister? Which one was the sister?

  3. "We'd like to send you notifications for the latest news and updates."

  4. I used to work at Bannister, and would drive by those apartments about every day. I guess you never can tell.

  5. I guess the christmas presents will have to go back.

  6. “We are a small community, and we are losing a lot of our children, our family members, by the hands of someone else.

    Now some one or more know the deets on the scum bags that pulled the trigger on this case and others. "We too scared to snitch" is a frequent response and that stinks. It's because of those scared shitless morons that bad seeds flourish and kill.

  7. C’mon man, Born one year apart and they have different last names!

    1. @249. I shit ya not, I know a brother and sister (full blooded) that were born'bout 10 months apart. Apparently pops couldn't wait too long to hop back in the goods.

  8. @ 2:49 Yep, No one wants to discuss the real issues. It's everyone's else's fault.

  9. BLM will paint a pink and red X in street to commemorate their accomplishment.

  10. Proof positive that black lives don’t matter anymore now than they did 10 years ago. All the street painting, etc was just a lame claim of media coverage.

  11. Censorship Is For Pussies12/18/20, 6:08 AM

    I guess Tony's on his period and censoring comments again.

  12. I live in these apartments, and I work from home currently. While I do not plan on being here for very long, the low rent has allowed me to save up for a real house hopefully by next year. This incident has only made me feel like I may need to settle for something a little less and just get out asap. How does someone murder someone in broad daylight and no one has a clue who did it? The problem here is a lack of security by the apartment complex. They could easily have invested in a camera system, but instead this scumbag/s gets to walk away from this crime and wash his hands of it. Furthermore, was this dispute with people they knew? or was it complete random people that showed up to argue with them and shoot them full of lead? I'd rather it be people they know because the idea of random people looking for violence does not sit well with me.


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