This morning a man was fond shot to death in car near 11th, Orville, KCK police say. Murders across the state line don't garner as much outrage as record breaking KCMO killing but still contribute to tragically escalating Kansas City metro violence overall.

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Early morning shooting leaves one man dead

KANSAS CITY, Kans. - Police are investigating the latest homicide on Saturday after a man was found dead in a vehicle at 11th and Orville. Officers were called to the area to investigate a shooting. When they arrived they located a young black male, in his twenties suffering from gunshot wounds.


  1. yep..grew up in that shithole KCK inner city area..WORSE than the nearby ghetto.. got out of there by going to college on the GI Bill after serving my hitch in the Army, got a job..worked my way up the ladder, errr..NO ..NO! ..wait...

    the ONLY reason I got out of there was entirely by my magical "White Privilege".

    sorry..forgot it was 2020.

  2. BLM needs to get the "X" painters there immediately.

  3. BLM paints dead body ground silhouettes to honor all their killers. Obviously or they would mention who does the majority of the killings and why. Or maybe ask their own to stop the murders.

  4. RIP James. IDK anyone who met you & didn't instantly fall in love w you

  5. Knee grows ain't human.

  6. This is stupid. Its bad enough we lost young guys in WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam - but now all over regular city streets? I mean really! ???


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