Katz Comeback Thanks To Streetcar?!?!

Local developers imagine that the Kansas City economy will bounce back after COVID and the streetcar extension will serve as a driving force for a midtown economic boom. 

That might or might not happen . . . Sadly, taxpayer cash will be used to speculate on the economic revival despite underlying concerns about low-wage employment and the weakening dollar.

Deets . . .

KC Biz Journal: "The vacant former Katz Drug Store building last year was denoted as a historic structure at possible risk for demolition but now will be preserved as part of Katz on Main, a 192-unit planned multifamily community."

Developing . . .


  1. More tax exempt apartments? So far all the streetcar has brought are taxpayer subsidized apartments, restaurants, & bars. Where are the jobs???

  2. A multifamily community! How absolutely precious!

    (screeching tires, gunshots)

  3. Jesus Fuck the brutalism movement was more soul enriching than this lego design hellscape.

  4. All of these "developers" know that all they have to do is to utter the word "streetcar" and the clowns at the TIF Commission and especially at 12th and Oak will wet their pants with excitement and give them anything they ask for.
    It's as sad as it is comical that this empty ploy continues after all this time.
    But hey, it's KCMO where everything is up to date.
    What a joke!

  5. ^^You can always move. Or die. Either one would be fine.

  6. Byron Funkhouser12/31/20, 8:52 AM

    Bike/walk lanes will be created around the complex for the mujlti-family gays to ride in never-ending circles around it. A spandex outfitters kiosk will be just inside the entrance. Of course, we will need to expand the special taxing district, but the increased traffic and sales in the area will offset.

  7. the concept sounds great.

    as does a revitalized westport neighborhood.

    however, on has to ask whether corona has changed housing wants near-term.

  8. I hope Mel Vila dont get busted from DUI

  9. The demoncrats use to be known as tax and spend. Now they exempt and spend. Not going last much longer.............

  10. No tax, section 8 and welfare. Gosh the world is free !!!!

  11. Jeez! More apartments? There’s already an enormous apartment building complex on Broadway/Westport Road; and the City has install stop signs by the Post Office over there. Traffic will be a nightmare over there. They’ve eliminated nearly all on-street parking. It’s too much in such a small space.


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