Kansas Officials: No Fracking Way Recent Quakes Connected To Big Biz

A "scientific" assurance that NOBODY believes amid rising American skepticism and EVERYBODY standing on shaky ground.

Here's the argument after about a week of serious studyd . . .

Kansas Corporation Commission: Recent earthquakes near Wichita not related to oil, gas activities

The Kansas Corporation Commission said Wednesday it does not believe the recent earthquakes in the Wichita area are related to oil and gas activities in the area.The KCC, which regulates oil and gas production in the state, completed an investigation after multiple earthquakes rattled Wichita on Saturday, with the largest measuring 3.7 on the Richter scale.


  1. The largest earthquake in Missouri was in 1812.


    No one was "fracking" then. The 9.2 Earthquake in Alaska also came before "Fracking".

    The "New Green Deal" proponents are Liberal and Liberals are liars.

    The "New Green Deal" is about the transfer of wealth from the middle class to brain dead idiot bar tender types in the Government who "Know Best".

  2. ^^Its Christmas chuck, give it a rest you lonely broken, busted and bitter loser, there’s time for this bullshit another day. Go find a friend.

  3. Fracking causes additional earth quakes & releases methane into the atmosphere accelerating global warming.

  4. When I want expert opinions on geology and seismology, I always think of the Kansas Corporation Commission first.

  5. 9:13: Finding the Holy Grail would be easier for Chuck than finding a friend.

  6. Not a fan of his, but in this instance Chuck is right.

    The Wichita Eagle covered this weeks ago, when the quakes were happening.
    The Fault Line that these quakes occurred along has been known for decades, and quakes have been as violent and more frequent in the past, the fault has been pretty stable since early 2016, until this series happened.

    That said, there is no question that fracking can cause quakes, as can the use of pumped out boreholes as disposal sites for contaminated water, both of which are being done in Kansas, but west and south of Wichita, in the "Awl Patch" nearer to the Oklahoma border. This common practice (fracking and back pumping) has caused the same problems throughout Oklahoma and in the northern part of Baja Oklahoma as well.

    Remember boys and girls, it's not nice to fool with Mother Nature.

  7. That's right Chuck!!! Fracking is bad and we should all wear masks and stay inside!!

    No more fracking and when you get the 600 dollars you will be able to afford $4.50 gas like all my friends in Washington D.C. in the Democrat Party!

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    Worth a look.


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    Check it out.


  10. Sorry - thought I lost the first post..., anyway... check it out and try not to get too depressed.

  11. The great conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter was on Dec. 21 dummy! Why wouldn't there be earthquakes in Wichita?

  12. We have newer, more sensitive and more numerous seismic movement detection sensors than ever before. They detect subsurface movements that were not detectable previously. Hence, more reported quakes.

    9:17 - Fracking provides natural gas, which burns much cleaner than the only realistic alternatives, petroleum and coal. If you want to stop fracking and go back to oil or coal to produce energy you will cause much more harm to the climate than fracking does. If you would rather rely on wind or solar to provide power, turn off the heat to your home right now and you will soon find out what that would be like.


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  14. Who cares about flyover MAGATtown? Let Big Business and Trump continue to fuck over farmers and rural dolts all they want.


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