Kansas Guv Will Get COVID Vaxx

A prominent local politico opts-into a global health push that hopes to convince red state skeptics.

Take a look . . .

Kansas governor to receive COVID-19 vaccine shot Wednesday

by: AP Wire Posted: / Updated: TOPEKA, Kan. - Gov. Laura Kelly plans to get a COVID-19 vaccine Wednesday as part of a larger program to give shots to selected Kansas officials so that state government can continue to operate during the pandemic.


  1. Good let her get the vax. The last person that got the vax came down with Bell's Palsy. So lets hope this commie bitch shrivels up. That vax is not safe it's not been tested enough. Send a dose to Sharice Davids too tell her it's from the white colonists.

  2. ^^OK Boomer. No more applesauce for you.

  3. With the mask order, she no longer has to put her teeth in for public appearances.

  4. Wait, she has teeth?

  5. Sure after illegal aliens and special interest minority races . The LGBT crowd gets vax'd. But they totally ignore the HIV pandemic warnings from 1980. Add that to your apple sauce comment. Millie get Jim "Obummer" Jones kool aid.

  6. Hope she gets the vax in her eye.


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