Kansas Guv Against Local COVID Control

An interesting rhetorical conundrum presents itself in this update about the Sunflower State honcho. Generally speaking our progressive pals advocate "local control" in order to thwart GOP statewide meddling. However, in this case . . . With a Democratic Guv at the helm and public health at stake . . . Local control is shunned.

Check-it . . .

Governor: Kansas should drop local control of COVID-19 rules

A top Republican in the GOP-controlled Legislature suggested Wednesday that the state is seeing success now in battling COVID-19 because Kelly adopted a softer, GOP-backed approach to dealing with the pandemic. In late October, Kelly contemplated forcing out-of-session legislators to reconvene to impose a statewide mask mandate, but top lawmakers pushed her instead to work with local officials.


  1. Local control would defeat the whole point of destroying the ks economy...to control the bailout so you can skim and steer the proceeds to you, your family, cronies and donors.

  2. Governor Moe (of 3 Stooges fame) thinks Kansas voters will forget that she killed 1 year of education for over a million Kansas students (K to college) when they were never at serious risk for hospitalization or death from the coronavirus.

    It's a crime.


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