Kansas Dude Seyz 'Mask Up' From The Grave

Local news offers the macabre call to action that might be our Midwest version of Yul Brynner's iconic anti-smoking advert.

Take a look . . .

Kansas man's obituary expresses criticism of those who do not wear masks

KANSAS CITY, MO. (KCTV) -- An obituary of a Kansas man who had the coronavirus when he died criticized those who choose not to wear a mask. Dr. Marvin James Farr, 81, of Scott City, Kan., died this week at the Park Lane Nursing Home.


  1. Like most obituaries, this one was not written by the deceased.

    Reading it, it appears to be written by a family member who is using the death of their relative to promote their own personal agenda. We have no idea of the deceased's actual thoughts.

    Tacky at best

  2. Let me catch any of you CHUDS without a mask in a public place. I'll beat your ass.

    1. Ha ha! Bring it. You're never leaving the zoo.

  3. 7:49 you’re a cunthole. The only thing you beat is your meat, pussy. I don’t even own a mask. Fucking cunt.

  4. Hey dude; you are dead, no one cares what you recommend anymore.

  5. So if I'm reading 7:16 correctly, this guy is dead due to COVID and since he's dead due to COVID and his relatives wrote an obit chastising people for not wearing masks, which could have potentially prevented their relative from dying of COVID, they have a personal agenda?

    Really riveting stuff there dumbass. Local man dead due to COVID and relatives encourage mask use to potentially prevent spread, news at 5.

    Got damn you fucking people are dumber than a fucking box of rocks. The hill you're going to die on is not being told to wear a piece of fabric over your your face because of muh freedopm.

  6. obit should of read "if the trump border wall was finished we wouldn't of had illegal beaners passing through thus leaving germs behind - then i could of had at least a half of chance to still be alive".

  7. ^^^nice, here we go with "it's the Messicans fault we have COVID".

  8. Warning! Unemployed basement imbecile is active.

  9. @7:49 hahahahahaaa, holy crap you're a tuffy. I have a mask, several actually, and I wear them in appropriate situations. My N95 for drywall and insulation work where airborne particulate entering my lungs is significantly reduced. My respirator for painting or other finishes with high VOC content. Oh, you mean as a face diaper in public? No, not a chance.

  10. Nick Sloan, KCTV5 assignment editor, is being a good little propagandist!

    Shame those who refuse to follow Big Brother's mandates.

    Attempt to re-interpret the death of an already chronically ill 81-year-old into a cautionary tale of the danger in thinking for yourself.

    Did Mr. Sloan volunteer to write this veterinarian's obituary?


  11. @9:48AM let me know where you'll be today without a mask. I'll meet you there.

  12. 9:48 - you pussy. only a pussy like you would need a mask to do drywall and insulation work. loser.

  13. ...So@ 10:57....just keep your head up your ass like it is...and you won't need a mask...plus, you'll be fun to watch...

    MASK UP!
    SHUT UP!

  14. I had a loved one in a nursing home die of the flu. It turned out that her primary care worker not only refused a flu shot that year, but worked with my family member WHILE SHE HAD THE FLU, therefore passing it on and killing my family member. All so she could earn minimum wage for a day, instead of staying home and forgoing less than $200.

    Until someone selfishly kills your family member you would not understand.

  15. So was this guy wearing a mask when he got infected? If not then who’s fault is it? Did they leave that juicy tidbit out on purpose...... again?

  16. ^^and yet he called you out and you cowered away like the sniveling little whimp you are and have always been. Weird.

  17. Wait till Covid (AKA as SARS) mutates in 1 year, is very deadly, killing children quickly in very large numbers. It will mutate. Thats its only goal.

    Will you wear a mask then?


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