Kansas City Weed Chocolates Coming Soon

Lunch link and a glimpse at one more part of an American cultural shift as old school laws now can't even govern snacks whilst the local murder count spirals out of control and but bar owners serve as "bad guys" in the local Internets discourse. But I digress . . . Given that the treats actually look quite yummy.

Check-it . . .

Marijuana chocolate: Kansas City company approved for THC edibles

by: Travis Meier Posted: / Updated: KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A KC company is ready to roll out a line of medical marijuana product ranging from gummies to vape pens to Christopher Elbow chocolates. CLOVR said it was the first medical marijuana manufacturer in Missouri to receive state approval to operate, according to a company blog.


  1. Someone get Chuck, Bandit, et al. some of those chocolates so they'll chill the fuck out.

  2. ^^^^^And this fool also

  3. Yummy chocolates, I think they...

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