Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Kansas City Tuesday News Look

We start the morning by celebrating the catalog of a pop star diva amid her ongoing celeb life lessons as she releases new material . . . AND THEN taking a peek at pop culture, community news and top headlines.

Testing Kansas City

Interest in antibody test: With vaccine out, many wonder if they've unknowingly had virus

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - If you've already been sick with COVID-19, you may have to wait longer to get the new vaccine. It's sparking renewed interest in antibody testing to determine if you might have been exposed to the virus. Community Blood Center is now offering expanded opportunities for you to get antibody testing.

KCK Suffers Tragic Loss

Family members grieve loss of 29-year-old man who was shot in KCK

KANSAS CITY, KS (KCTV) -- A mother is grieving the loss of her son along with family and friends as police search for his killer. Someone shot Enice J. Fuel near 11th and Orville Avenue in Kansas City, Kansas, around 5:30 a.m. on Saturday, Dec. 12.

Help Old School For X-mas

Volunteers, donations needed to give senior citizens Christmas dinner

For more than four decades former Kansas City, Missouri, police Officer Richard White has been hosting a free holiday meal on Christmas Day for seniors with nowhere to go.This year, White said there will be a meal, but not in a group setting."I always thought this would happen because it's never not happened," White said.For 44 years, White's holiday meal has served Kansas City-area seniors on Christmas Day."Went through two blizzards and succeeded," he said.White said this year's challenge was too great to hold an in-person meal.

Pornhub Purges

Pornhub Takes Down All Content Uploaded By Unverified Users

Pornhub has suspended all videos on its site that were not uploaded by its content partners or verified models on its platform in a sweeping move that will lead to a significant chunk of content disappearing from the site just days after Mastercard and Visa stopped processing transactions with the adult video streaming sites over allegations that it hosted videos showing child sexual abuse and other illegal content.

Russia Trolls Election

Russia's President Putin congratulates Joe Biden on U.S. election victory

LONDON - It's taken a while, but Russian President Vladimir Putin has now congratulated President-elect Joe Biden on his election victory. Putin sent a telegram to Biden to congratulate him, the Kremlin said Tuesday: "In his telegram, Putin wished every success to the president-elect and expressed confidence that Russia and the U.S., who bear special responsibility for global security and stability, can facilitate resolution of many problems and challenges faced by the world now despite disagreements," the Kremlin noted.

End Of The World, Again

Doomed MAGA Faithful Pivot to Apocalypse Prep as Trump Loss Gets Locked In

Crack open your buckets of dehydrated cheese products, fire up the portable stove, and bask in the light of some emergency glow sticks. It's a constitutional crisis, and you'll want a well-appointed bunker. As President Donald Trump's efforts to overturn the election become more fantastical, some of his most diehard fans are urging each other to explore disaster preparation for unspecified political turmoil.

Turkey Crackdown For X-Mas

Why Trump just sanctioned NATO ally Turkey

The United States is finally punishing Turkey for purchasing a Russian missile defense system, a long-anticipated move that is likely to increase tensions with a NATO ally. On Monday, the Trump administration imposed sanctions on Turkey for its purchase of the Russian-made S-400 surface-to-air missile defense system.

Tucker Targets Doc Biden

Tucker Carlson says Jill Biden suffers a 'bad case of status anxiety'

Tucker Carlson on Monday night joined the fray over Jill Biden's use of 'Dr' Carlson said her PhD 'means basically nothing' and said she had 'status anxiety' He mocked her for having the same qualification as Bill Cosby and 'Dr Pepper' Carlson spoke after The Wall Street Journal on Friday

Celebs Confess COVID

Sharon Osbourne says she was hospitalized for coronavirus, is 'now recuperating'

Sharon Osbourne is the latest celebrity to announce their coronavirus diagnosis. The 68-year-old talk show co-host took to Twitter on Monday to announce her infection and subsequent medical treatment. "I wanted to share I've tested positive for Covid 19," she shared.

Local Loss Testimony

A Sarcastic Poker Player And Food Bank Volunteer: Family Remember A Kansas Citian Lost To The Pandemic

Renee Fletcher was a glamorous woman - the former Miss Kansas City Chamber of Commerce wouldn't leave her house without styling her stunning platinum blond hair. "She was always there if you needed her. And later on when she was always there, even when you didn't want her or need her," her daughter Tracy Noe joked.

Kansas City Food Assistance Need Rising Amid Pandemic

Food insecurity in KC: 41 Action News joins TODAY Show, Harvesters to raise awareness

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The TODAY Show is joining Feeding America to raise awareness for the level of food insecurity across the U.S. In Kansas City, TODAY teamed up with 41 Action News and Harvesters to showcase the efforts being made to help families, especially during the global pandemic.

Tuesday Chill Forecast

Cloudy, Tuesday forecast will barely break freezing

You might see a stray flake or two today.

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Anonymous said...

PhD "Doctor" title is a frick'in joke.

Bunch of loser professors who couldn't get a job so they stayed in college for a couple of more years and took more classes and now they want the self-important title of "Doctor".

Save the "Doctor" title for real medical doctors who save lives.

Jill Biden is a fat, ugly pig. Will miss Melania Trump's beauty.

Anonymous said...

^^Says the loser who posts here all day. Hard pass on anything you have to say. Plus Melanie is a Russian whore so, for $10.00 you can see here as much as you want, whenever you want.

Anonymous said...

For a long time, we've seen the GOP kowtow to Democrats on nearly every front. We're censored by big tech, smeared in the media, and mocked in popular culture, and we endure malicious political prosecution, as in the cases of Michael Flynn and Kyle Rittenhouse. On the other side, Hillary Clinton destroyed 30,000 emails, federal bureaucrats broke countless laws in the Russian Collusion hoax, leftist radicals burned cities and attacked police, and Obama weaponized the IRS against Republicans and illegally imposed DACA. The rules are clear: Democrats can break the law whenever they want.

So, when Democrats got caught violating numerous state statutes and the U.S. Constitution to steal the 2020 election, and our Judiciary has done little to stop it, the double-standard seemed all too familiar. The courts interpreting laws and past precedents loosely when advantageous to Democrats and more rigidly towards Republicans has been the standard for some time.

Can you imagine a country where Democrats can commit blatantly unconstitutional actions to enable voter fraud while simultaneously using the same Constitution to insist that Republicans have no legal grounds to challenge them? This is the America we're living in.

Anonymous said...

PhD....a couple extra years. Right. Do us all a favor, stop and think a second before you say stupid shit. And fat, huh? I'd love to see what you're sweatin on.

Anonymous said...

Kamala Harris was my whore ! I used taxpayer money to pay her !! Ha !!!

Mayor Willie Brown

Anonymous said...

8:17 - Hey idiot, Melania is not Russian. Plus, she can speak five languages unlike you retard.

Melania and Ivanka were the two most beautiful women to represent America as First Lady and First Daughter.

Will miss witnessing both their intelligence and beauty.

Anonymous said...

8:20 - PhD....a couple extra years. Right. Do us all a favor, stop and think a second before you say stupid shit.

Oh I forgot, to earn a PhD, the grad assistants have to smoke the poles of the Academic Review Board to get their thesis of worthless bullshit approved.

Anonymous said...

PhD don’t mean shit any more, gender equality studies now that's where it’s at today! Hahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

"Tucker Carlson says Jill Biden suffers a 'bad case of status anxiety'"

First, Jill Biden is not an elected official. Second, I read Epstein's editorial over the weekend and was struck by his pettiness. He conflates an earned Ed.D. with honorary degrees and then goes off on people who use honorary degrees to call themselves "Doctor," which is not the case with Jill Biden and has nothing to do with, well, really, anything. Whether Jill Biden uses her earned title is up to her. Why Epstein saw fit to write such a petty article is as much a mystery to me as why the Wall Street Journal (1) decided to print it and (2) Paul Gigot saw fit to defend it so vigorously.

We could maybe excuse Epstein who, at age 89 is a product of another era and quite possibly in the early stages of dementia, but excusing those who printed and now defend the article is another matter.

Expecting better of Tucker Carlson, of course, is the triumph of hope over experience.

Anonymous said...

^^^Your wife died and you’re so lonely!! She hated you!!!! Hahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Is there a Doctor of Gender Studies in the house ? Says no one.

Anonymous said...

PhD is racist, only privileged white people get those... or old black men who drugged and raped many many white women!

Ask ole bill how his PhD landed him in prison! It was in pharmaceuticals right!

Rapey joe and his hoe Jill will be in prison before long too!

Anonymous said...

Is there a Doctor of Political Science in the House ? Says no one.

Anonymous said...

It's always a pleasure to read the thoughts of someone who never passed his GED.

Anonymous said...

Is there a Doctor of Diversity and Homosexuality in the House? Says no one.

Anonymous said...

Is there a Doctor of Transgenderism in the House? Says no one.

Anonymous said...

The reality is Trump enjoyed fucking Ivanka more than Melania. Melania’s head game is on point, but her vag is busted out. Too sloppy for my taste, but worth the $10.

Anonymous said...

The point is Mrs. Biden's shrill, crazy response and bloated ego, as well as the new normal in the Biden era: dare not criticize, question, or comment.

Major media flips from constant attack to constant defense, and that is the central issue. We have no true journalists, just propagandists.

Anonymous said...

Heavens to Betsy! Four years of vile, unfounded, constant attacks on Trump and that's a-ok.

One slight question about Jill Biden's inflated credentials and you piss yourselves in outrage. Your doublethink is showing.

Anonymous said...

The reality is the sadness of your lonely life.

Anonymous said...

"The point is Mrs. Biden's shrill, crazy response and bloated ego, as well as the new normal in the Biden era: dare not criticize, question, or comment."

And yet she's not dignified this tempest in a teapot with a response. Weird.

Anonymous said...

"One slight question about Jill Biden's inflated credentials and you piss yourselves in outrage. Your doublethink is showing."

And yet her credentials are not inflated. Very weird.

Anonymous said...

O.k. class; my name is Dr. Kunt, mkay?

I have no real-life work experience in my field of study but I am an expert because I read a textbook, mkay?

Anonymous said...

Sounds more like Tucker Carlson is suffering from delusions of adequacy.

Anonymous said...

Uh let's see; beautiful Melania or fat, ugly Jill ?

Melania please.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Kamala Harris spread her legs wide for married Dr. Willie Brown to launch her political career.

Dr. Kamala Harris likes elderly, married men like Dr. Willie Brown.

China Joe just may have a chance to bend Dr. Kamala Harris over in the Oval Office and get him a piece of chocolate.

Anonymous said...

Truth is China Joe Biden enjoyed fucking his sister more than his wife Jill.

Hence his confusion with Sister-Wife.

Pretty sick but what do you expect from a Democrat.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have no meaningful rebuttal.

Anonymous said...

Really rich that any moron on this site calls out a non-existent Jill Biden "shrill, crazy response...." after four plus years of dealing with the biggest fucking whiny cry baby to ever occupy the WH. Not a fucking day went by without that clown bitching about being slighted or questioned by someone somewhere. Trumpers have a PhD in projection and hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Hard pass in the illiterate comments from the local chimp. You can't even spell the names right of people you want to insult, and 'her' shouldn't be difficult as it is for you.

Anonymous said...

@8:25,you can continue to enjoy A LOT of Melania's "beauty" on the Internet, all the porn shots taken of her when she left Slovakia and started working as a Model/Escort in Moscow are being released by Putin, now that Trump is of no further use to him.

As for Ivanka, do a search for photos of her with her Daddy when she was in her early teens, if you have the stomach for it. Pay close attention to where your Cult Leader's hands are in them - with his OWN DAUGHTER!

"Ivanka's hot! Isn't she hot?"
(Donald J. Trump, 2006)

Anonymous said...

Your point, except for the sad insight into your porn life?

Anonymous said...

Your lack of self-awareness is staggering but amusing. :)

Anonymous said...

I fucked Melania three times this year for a grand total of $30. Ivanka wouldn’t part with the coochie because she said it belonged to daddy.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, her proxies in the media have, and she has as well. Keep up.

Anonymous said...

They certainly are. You definitely are weird though.

Anonymous said...

10:23: Jill Biden's only response has been: "Together, we will build a world where the accomplishments of our daughters will be celebrated, rather than diminished."

Hardly an example of "a shrill, crazy response" from someone with a "bloated ego." You'd need to go to Chuck for that.

Anonymous said...

Far from her only response, but ok. Thank you for sharing it, as it ably illustrates the silly identity politics the left has instead of thinking. ;)

I'm sure Doctor Professor Special Woman Biden will have more to say after she climbs down off the cross later today.

Anonymous said...

Ummmmmmmm. OK. But please explain why a holder of a BA and a former occasional lecturer at Northwestern University feels it necessary to denigrate someone who uses an earned "Doctor" in her title. Should we just assume the 89-year-old Mr. Epstein is senile and give him a pass? And if so, should we also assume the Wall Street Journal can't find more pressing issues to concentrate on?

Anonymous said...

After seeing the picture of Dr. Jill Biden, she should wear elastic band, polyester slacks that expand at the waist.

Dr. Biden's gut and ass is about ready to blow out the pink dress she has on.

With this cow as first lady, going to miss the beautiful Melania and Ivanka.

Anonymous said...

^^ Don't forget Kayleigh McEnaney. She is hot, hot, hot.

Anonymous said...

1:34, Epstein on his worst day is smarter than you on your best day. He called out Jill Biden for being pretentious, and she is. Only self regarding elitists insist on being addressed as "doctor" by one and all when they only have a Ed.D. Even medical doctors are more humble than that.

Anonymous said...

So where does that dumbfuck Dr. Seb Gorka fit in here Trumptards?

Anonymous said...

Again, you fucking Trumptards waxing on about Jill Biden apparently making some super fucking offensive response to a some asshole writing a column basically shitting on the work she put in to earn a PhD is real fucking rich after years and fucking years of Trump personally mocking anyone who dared to slight him or question him like a fucking 6th grader.......is hypocrisy at the highest level.

If you want to come out and admit your cult leader acted like a twat for the past 4 years when he was challenged ("I'm the President, you don't talk to the President like that"), I'll fully support your argument that Jill Biden is overreacting to someone questioning her credentials.

Until then, shut the fuck up losers.

Anonymous said...

Jill Biden, PhD, Excuse me Dr. Jill Biden upon receiving her Doctorate became a college professor at a Junior College aka the 13th grade.

Anonymous said...

Kuntmala still has not stepped down from her SEMEN seat yet. EO 2020!!

Anonymous said...

"1:34, Epstein on his worst day is smarter than you on your best day. He called out Jill Biden for being pretentious, and she is. Only self regarding elitists insist on being addressed as "doctor" by one and all when they only have a Ed.D. Even medical doctors are more humble than that."

And yet she earned the right to be addressed as "Doctor." Weird.

Anonymous said...

"Jill Biden, PhD, Excuse me Dr. Jill Biden upon receiving her Doctorate became a college professor at a Junior College aka the 13th grade."

And yet you haven't passed your GED in how many tries? Very weird.

Anonymous said...

Hee hee! So triggered.

No one is interested in your support for anything, and a whole new era of mockery has opened up. From Extra Special Sheriff Doctor Woman Jill Biden, to the Alzheimer's patient you voted for, to Willie Brown's private blowjob consultant--the jokes will be writing themselves!!

So nah, the fun is just beginning, and you still suck at this. ;)

Anonymous said...

I read everyone's comments.
Just kidding.

Reality Speaker said...

Wearing a "ball cap" with "PornHub on it, pretty much says, "I graduated from KCPS so I don't understand why I failed my MENSA audition test.".

Hunter Bidet said...

...........Warning!! Whoop! Warning!! Whoop. Whoop!! Warning!!
Unemployed basement BLM imbecile @8:17 is awake and active. Be prepared for amazing stupidity. Remarks may include such terms as: CHUD, geezer, MAGAT, Maude, Trumptard and weird. Often starts with two or more silly ^^ marks. It is strongly recommended one should ignore what he/she/it posts as it may cause permanent brain damage.

Anonymous said...

Trump's wife has naked pictures of herself, some with other naked girls, from her skanky modelling days in Europe. You can Google the full nudes of her in microseconds. They are all over the internet.

Biden's wife is of Christian values and has none of that porn in her background.

God voted for Biden and so he won!

Anonymous said...

Please read the Washington Monthly article below from APRIL 2020; it describes exactly what Trump has done when he loses. Down to a late night tweet about he won and election was stolen, court battles, supreme court, what Mitch McConnell would do, what Hannity would say, and states that would change electors on Trumps behalf. IT WAS WRITTEN IN APRIL 2020. Yes I read it back in April 2020 and bookmarked it cause I thought it was stupid. I am wrong:

"How Trump could lose the election and remain President" Washington Monthly April 2020.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ 1:04AM

Correction: I meant to say the article mentioned above was written in 2019. Yes APRIL of 2019, thats 1 year and 8 months ago. Read the tweet that they claim Trump would put out on election night. Its unreal as its all come true. Thats author is the closet I have ever seen to being a fortune teller. Just amazing.