Kansas City Toy Train Streetcar Cheerleaders Proclaim Midtown Real Estate Revival

The sketchy market making from an official who works for a taxpayer supported program is perfectly legal but that doesn't mean we have to believe it . . . And so, check local fixed rail enthusiasts working desperately to hype their machine despite dramatically reduced ridership and the public turning away from mass transit schemes.

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KC streetcar extension spurs millions in development investments - Kansas City Business Journal

Utility workers could dig up more than dirt and rock as they make way for one of Kansas City's largest coming infrastructure projects. Along Main Street, they're likely to unearth remnants of the city's original streetcar system - a robust network spanning both sides of the state line before being shut down in the 1950s.


  1. Not only this, but did you know that THE streetcar makes the sun come up in the east in the morning?
    And just look at what it did for downtown.
    On second thought, DON'T do that!
    Fantasyland on the plains.


  2. Part of the original streetcar tracks run right across 47th street between main and JC Nichols Pkwy by JC NICHOLS FOUNTAIN. It was there for years after the streetcar stopped.

  3. Liars, crooks and thief’s gotsta gets mo free gubmint monies.

  4. I thought it was now a mobile suicide booth. 😏🍿

  5. “Streetcar spurs millions in developer giveaways”

    There, fixed it for you Tony!

  6. Every single new project on Main St between 12th St and 39th street got tax subsidies (incentives), in spite of the claim that the taxpayer funded Streetcar would spur development that didn’t require public subsidies.

  7. Places shutting down right and left and these losers say we need the Joker Train to spur spending.

    Yes it do create spending just the wrong kind of spending, the wasteful sort of spending of taxpayers dollars while the rest of the city falls to fuck apart.

  8. People only ride the streetcar because it's free. Someday when they have to start charging for a ride, it will be empty. I can walk faster than it moves in traffic.

  9. pure unadulterated bull crap


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