Thursday, December 17, 2020

Kansas City Startup Scene Shares High Praise Of New City Manager Brian Platt

Urban leaders decry the new 12th & Oak honcho . . . Meanwhile, here's a glimpse at the local tech scene sharing their hope for continued city hall support . . . Read more:

How Brian Platt's innovation past unmasks KC's potential for newly arrived city manager

One of Brian Platt's first challenges as KCMO's city manager: budgeting for a city that knows an ongoing pandemic will impact its ability to operate - but with uncertainty surrounding how long and how harsh COVID-19 will hit in 2021.


Alpinista said...

Given enough time, no one ever likes the city manager. It doesn't matter what city we're talking about. They will get blamed for failing to solve problems that no one anywhere has ever been able to solve.

I wouldn't want his job, which for now is telling everyone they can't have the shiny toy they've always wanted.

There is no Revenue!

Anonymous said...

People that wear chiefs masks shoes clothing are traitors.

Anonymous said...

Alpinista, finally enlightened.

Anonymous said...


When the KC Council's black members rudely welcomed the new City Manager, they introduced him as Brian S-PLATT!!!

Anonymous said...

how many buried budget turds is he finding on a daily basis, courtesy troy schulte kay barnes sly etc etc ...

how do his glasses not fog up with the mask?

the city will cut the things that matter most to residents, like animal control and street maintenance. meaningless things will be preserved. and all the fire dept overtime too, for sure, that.