In their lead story today, The Kansas City Star pretty much assures us that their newspaper won't be around much longer given the exceptionally sloppy and dangerous reporting they're sharing with a shirking cadre of readers.

Real talk: There is so much hearsay and second hand info in their story that it wouldn't even make a good blog post.

Here's the premise . . .

Kansas City Star: With KCPD union contract up for negotiation, police shooting rule is under scrutiny


"Ability to wait up to 48 hours before providing a formal statement is one of several privileges extended to local officers represented by the union.

"It’s one of the most controversial provisions of the current contract between the Kansas City Board of Police Commissioners and the local chapter of the union representing rank-and-file officers. With the contract up for renegotiation in the coming weeks, activists and community leaders have said the 48-hour rule should be removed."

For the record . . .  


However, nothing about "the 48-hour rule" was the point of the story . . . 

It was basically a hit piece targeted against Kansas City FOP honcho Brad Lemon. 

To be fair, the police leader deserves every bit of push back he gets given his exceptionally fast & loose social media tirades as of late. 

Remember that the FOP represents a relatively small number of rank & file KCPD officers as more cops seem to think Mr. Lemon is bolstering his social media celebrity status for a potential (and ultimately doomed) political run.

Also . . . Credit where it's due . . . The Star's story offers some interesting, if not sketchy backstory on recent drama among the po-po. 

But it's all basically gossip, politics, and social media slap fighting amongst law enforcement whilst historic deadly crime rages on local streets.

As usual, there's really nothing "new" about reports of animosity betwixt Black vs. white cops in leadership positions.

For the powerless Kansas City plebs, the newspaper report merely confirms that there are more than a few people with guns on local streets in search of garnering a greater share of power — Some of them just happen to wear uniforms. Practicing 'social distancing' from just about everybody seems to be only safe alternative for locals who don't have the luxury of benefiting from overwrought political drama.

Developing . . .


  1. Brad for Mayor!

    1. ^^^

      Might as well just give Mayor Q a second term.

  2. One of many reasons I dropped my Star subscription. They would often have hit pieces on those they disagreed with politically while doing puff pieces on some of the biggest scoundrels.


  3. And honestly, who pays any attention to the Star....good grief they continue to die and no one listens.

    All they want is to sell newspapers or subscriptions to their e-edition.

    This once great paper had good, quality journalism, now it's a rag!!

  4. I hear they want to sell advertising, too. Shame on them!

  5. There was an uptick in quality writing after Star alums were shown the door, namely Yell A-Boo-Hock-A and Luis Doo-Doo-Good.

  6. We'll see what Forte says when the star starts writing fairy tales about him.

  7. Hay Tony it is Time to Expand your Digital Foot print. Missouri and Kansas is your Market. Ten Dollars a year Subscription. On your New AND Different Blog.YOU have six million potential readers. All you need is a few million. AND the advertiser will come running. Y

  8. This shithole isn't worth ten cents.

  9. Tony you are way wrong....again. I’m an FOP member and have never been prouder of what our leaders do. I checked today and we have 90 percent of the sworn cops, and now total about 1600 members. As far as our president goes he wouldn’t give a shit about a political position. When he retires he’s heading for a quiet life away from all this shit. The only reason he is catching heat from assholes like Forte and the prosecutor is that he really has been the only voice willing to speak up in public. So...I hope he keeps calling them out and doesn’t leave for a long time.

  10. The Star has not been a reliably objective newspaper since at least the 1990's. But it has never been as bad as it is now.

  11. See as a private citizen how long the cops give you after you shoot someone. Tell them you're not saying shit for 48 hours and see how well that goes. Of course, you're not given the same rights as the police. So you can imagine how well that's going to go. The police are given special treatment all the time no matter what they do.

  12. FOP is all talk. I'm also a police officer and their membership isn't even 1/4th of what they claim. Do not take my word for it. Go to their meetings when the pandemic is over and you'll see the same 6 guys hanging around along with their wives. Did you see the rally, they staged in front of headquarters? There were three families there and that's it. They're not a real union. It's not even a good social club.

  13. I respect Brad and what the FOP are doing. They might be the only voice of reason in KC right now. Keep up the great work!

  14. Two words show how delusional this article is: Tommy Simmons. If you read the whole thing, you see that The Star swallows whole the demented ramblings of a career criminal who has spent the last part of the decade concocting elaborate conspiracies that he claims have victimized him, despite the fact that they have only a slight relationship with reality. What a shame The Star has come to despise the truth.

  15. ^^^ For the win. EXCELLENT comment @5:26.


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