Kansas City Stands With Alex Smith

This town's 2nd favorite quarterback has earned one of the greatest comeback stories in the NFL. Even better, sports newsies are surprised at this town's continued support for a local fave . . .

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A non-Washington fan base was also quite pleased with Smith

Saying the Washington Football Team fan base is happy with what Alex Smith did on Monday in Pittsburgh is like saying that the wheel was a useful invention. Duh. However, Burgundy and Gold supporters aren't the only ones who are grateful for Smith's nearly 300-yard evening in Washington's still-hard-to-believe-win over the Steelers.


  1. If somehow Washington and the Chiefs played in the SB- KC wins no matter which team wins.
    Absolutely the STORY OF THE YEAR if both teams go to the Super Bowl.

  2. Agree! What a start of a beat ever story for 2021 since SB is in Feb!

    If games are scripted then this will happen 100%. If they are not scripted the 2.437% chance.

  3. I'd want the Chiefs to win but love the Alex!

  4. I seriously doubt that Alex Smith even thought about the Chiefs when he led Washington's defeat of Pittsburgh.


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