Kansas City South Side X-mas Crash Kills

The local, fatal car crash count continues to escalate amid the pandemic. 

Moreover, the spike in deadly crashes is even more scary considering that Winter weather hasn't yet started to destroy local streets. 

Check-it and drive safely. . .

1 person killed in Christmas Day crash in south Kansas City, Missouri

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A pickup truck driver died Christmas Day after he ran a red light, crashed into a car and 2 poles. Police said the 60-year-old driver of a Ford F-150 pickup truck was traveling south on Blue Ridge Boulevard when he ran the red light at East 99th Street.


  1. "Chalk up another death to Covid-19", fake-Dr. Rex proclaimed when learning of the incident.
    Besides becoming more lethal at bars/restaurants during late-evening hours, we believe a mutant strain of this virus is now targeting pick-up drivers.

  2. ^^^ now that’s funny right there!

  3. Proof positive that nobody under the age of 128 should be allowed to drive a Pickup Truck within the City Limits of any American City unless licensed as a Commercial Driver.

  4. Lots of people driving irrationally for no good reason. Destroying other peoples property and putting others in danger is a trait of the hood. This is in the same part of town where that shootout happened. Are we surprised?


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