Kansas City Sends Tax Note For Christmas

Important community news update for KCMO residents offers a timeline of local fees and a desperate reminder that this town wants taxes electronically filed . . . Quickly.

And so, the outset of Kansas City bankruptcy beings with a polite reminder.

Check-it . . .

City announces changes to affect taxpayers

On Wednesday, Dec. 23, the City of Kansas City, Mo. notified taxpayers of tax-related changes that begin January 1, 2021. "We want Kansas City, Missouri, taxpayers to be ready to make the necessary adjustments," according to the press release.


  1. Alpinista's illegitimate son12/25/20, 11:29 AM


    Vote YES for E-tax renewal in April. We need more money for 18th & Vine, free bus rides, Power & Light payments, King family payments, Toy train extension, aquarium at the zoo, more hotel space and, of course, the airport.

    We will probably need to reduce residential services including trash pickup, water purification, street and sewer repairs and more.

  2. Stop voting Democrat you fucking mornon!

  3. 2020 has been unnecessarily hard on KC and Mayor 10-10-10.
    He joined protesters.
    He made laws on masks and then poised maskless with women he just met.
    He let lawbreakers go free.
    He forced viable businesses to close in absence of any science... relying on hearsay. Remember- the entire state of Florida has open eateries everywhere and no amount of Covid cases like hot spot KC.
    He wants to tax people who neither live nor work in KC. ..because they safely want to stay home and work outside KC. He wants to apply the outdated KC 1% earnings tax. Don’t think the Feds aren’t looking close at this.

    The list goes on and on and on.

    If you don’t like this then move... like many tens of thousands are doing in othe Poorly run Dem states like NY and California. Make KC an example.

    Not everyone is cut out to be a mayor. If you like the way Mayor 10-10–10 running things- then by all means keep paying more taxes, do nothing as he restricts your constitutional rights to eat out and run a business. And let him mock you by telling you to wear a mask while you watch him lose massless and mock the Police by letting people they arrest go scott free.

    No advice. Not everyone minds living in a city ruled by irony.


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