We can look forward to "dark days" indeed without that check coming from politicos who have been insulated from the reality of harsh times on urban core streets.

Here's the best example of how tough things are getting this holiday season . . .

Shoplifting Food and Hygiene Products Is on the Rise in the U.S. as Financial Aid Runs Out

Moreover, it's now OPEN SEASON on all of those goodies soon to be delivered.

Check-it . . .

Package thefts climb across metro with online holiday shopping high during pandemic

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - This time of year, package thieves, also dubbed porch pirates, are making themselves known. Several metro agencies are reporting an uptick in this kind of theft, and Kansas City is a prime target. "There's always a reason why somebody felt that's why they needed to do that," said David Brucker, founder [...]


  1. Scooby Doo and the Mystery Machine aren't required to figure this one out. Q Ball is working very hard on closing as much down and putting as many people out of work as he can. The County Prostitutor isn't interested in pressing charges. Why wouldn't crime be on the rise?


  2. This package theft has nothing to do with the virus. This has gone on for years and it's the type of people we have in out society and they don't know any better they are like Byron they were raised by ignorance and they grew up ignorant.

    BTW it's the democrats that just rejected another stimulus hand out. If people want money they need to go to China with Hunter Binden and China Joe.

    Don't hire a democrat they just threw our livelihood to China and the middle east same as Obama did. Everything Trump was fighting against.

  3. ^^who the fuck are you? Mitch McConnell? Take your stupid fucking partisan bullshit and stick it up your ass. If you can't see that the other side is doing just as much damage here than you're a fucking minion who thinks Trump is draining the swamp.

  4. ^^who the fuck are you 8:58? Dr. Faucistein? This plandemic has been politicized since day one. Remember Nasty Pelousy saying come to Chinatown and bitching about the travel ban? It went downhill from there. You people have done nothing but bitch, moan, call names and throw out charges of racism from the beginning. Take your wining, your attitude and your mask and put them straight up your cornhole!

  5. J E Hoover Jr.12/11/20, 10:47 AM

    More proof that the FBI doesn't do it's job. Theft of an interstate shipment such as postal or private carrier deliveries is a federal crime. The FBI seems to stick it's nose in many places but this Federal Crime spree across the US is ignored unless there is a firearm in the box.
    Heck after more than a year they are still silent in the crime where the convicts stole a UPS truck in Florida over a year ago, the UPS driver was killed, and have yet to issue a report.
    F - Federal
    B - Bureau of
    I - Incompetence

  6. Hahahahaha! 858 got knocked the fuck out!

  7. At least Weinrich Zitzmann Whitehead Inc is out of business. Those "investment advisers" lost alot of money for many people while collecting their fat commissions. I think its a form of "legal theft" thats protected by the SEC

  8. Cops confiscate more goods than those goods stolen from retail

  9. I see they are all HIDDEN behind the mask

  10. protect and serve the ruling class

  11. I can believe people who otherwise would not steal, will steal food,if they are hungry. People who steal packages from porches are just thieves.

  12. If you shot a porch pirate in the back while he was running away with your package of online medicine, would Peters Baker prosecute you?


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