Kansas City Progressive Public Radio Racially Profiles New Prairie Village Top Cop

This new local law enforcement honcho has probably worked hard his whole life to serve community and protect people, obviously, he has been successful.

Sadly, KCUR "progressives" headline his racial demographics first and foremost . . . Check-it . . .

'A Sign Of Progress' - Prairie Village Names It's First Black Police Chief

Prairie Village is gaining its first Black police chief in the city's history. Maj. Byron Roberson, who has served the Prairie Village Police Department for the past 26 years, will begin his new role as the city's seventh chief of police when Mayor Eric Mikkelson officially appoints him on Jan.


  1. They hired him because they were unable to find anyone more unqualified

  2. Reminiscent of when Lees Summit hired that unqualified superintendent of schools.

  3. ^^^ Pretty sure Prairie Village will be even nicer without Chuck.

    We'll try to get by without you. Good luck in Montana. Dress warm!

  4. First of all, I didn't write that, second of all 1:49, you ignorant slut, I DON'T live in Prairie Village, third, I have never heard of this guy.

  5. Not sure why Prairie Village is still considered the mystical enclave it once was. It’s changing by the day and not for the better. Lots of areas there are as bad as north OP. To have the setting PV used to offer you have to go to Leawood.

  6. His skin color should not be an issue unless he has a racial chip on his shoulder and he brings his ‘hate whitey’ politics into the office. Maybe he is actually a professional, unlike Frank White, Mayor Q, or Darrel Forte. It could happen.

  7. 2:47 I didn't write that with reference to that Prairie Village cop you fuckin idiot.


  8. ^^^

    Finally, some reason on this blog.

    He's actually a total pro. This was a damn good hire. It's KCUR showing their liberal racism here.

  9. When I see KCUR as source......PASS


  10. Prairie Village is a pretty dangerous assignment.

    Gets pretty wild at Panera Bread on Saturday nights.

  11. Because in 2020, you have to fill a position with a Special interest person. Whether qualified or not. Weird

  12. In Prairie Village, we are woke. We tried to find a gay black woman who was also unqualified but there were not who applied.

  13. Filling a position based on color is as stupid as selling uranium to your nuclear enemy...oh wait, Dim0crats do that too. What bs.

  14. Bryon is a good dude.. Educated and qualified!!


    He did it the old-fashioned way, he earned it(26 years)!!!

  16. YOU MUST READ WHAT THIS GUY12/11/20, 8:50 AM

    STEP 1 - shame them with racial justice, whatever that is.
    STEP 2 - they fulfill a demand, like a POC hire.
    [you are here]
    STEP 3 - keep leaning.
    STEP 4 - exodus of long-time stable residents, real estate values drop.
    STEP 5 - Lenexa, De Soto, etc property values rise.
    STEP 6 - progressive marxist activists populate city hall, city jobs.

  17. Anti Vaxxer's are in for a big surprise


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