Kansas City Nursing Home Alert

A tragic set of circumstances alleged amid an already perilous times for people stuck in care facilities.

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'Take your family out': Nurse, families warn of KC nursing home with nightmare conditions

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Bed sores, missed medications and the overwhelming smell of urine as soon as you walk inside. That's how a visiting nurse described conditions at a local nursing home. It was so bad she reported the facility to the state. "I would tell them - and I mean this from all I [...]


  1. This place was called by another name when a relative was there. The same awful conditions were present over 20 years ago. The relative died before anything changed, and that appears to be only the name and owner.

  2. glad it is over in missouri .......... you all need to step up and make things better at that particular place.

  3. Im a employee there and its worse residence left for 12hrs not changed cnas leave for hours on the clock none does anything i have a notebook full of abuse 4 yhe passed year.

  4. 10:49...fuckin' sober up fuckwinkle....


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