Monday, December 21, 2020

Kansas City Newsie Loves Pharma Bro

A somewhat local love story with no protagonist and a tenuous local connection . . . Check-it:

The Journalist and the Pharma Bro

Almost every weekday for six years, Christie Smythe took the F train from Park Slope downtown to her desk at Brooklyn's federal court, in a pressroom hidden on the far side of a snack bar. Smythe, who covered white-collar crime for Bloomberg News, wore mostly black and gray, and usually skipped makeup.


Anonymous said...

Truly cannot understand the liberal mindset. Family is simply whoever I'm fvcking for the moment until something else (not necessarily something better) comes along then poof. I'm happy to be a five, married to a 4 in a 3 house, in a 2 neighborhood. For me, life is good. Whenever things happen, its mostly always for the better.

Anonymous said...

Jordan Peterson has some very interesting lecture on people, and women who choose bad boys on the youtube channel for free. 5,000 years ago it made sense for a woman to choose a big, powerful, agressive and take no prisoners man. But technology is such that a tiny man can sit in a chair with a PC, in perfect climate controlled offices, eating delicate veggie lunches and drinking green tea - AND BECOME THE RICHEST MAN IN THE WORLD.

Ladies - it is 2021. Forget cavemen and liars. Look for sane, smart, clean and professional men.

Hyperblogal said...

How could one trust her journalism, if her judgment is compromised. .