Monday, December 14, 2020

Kansas City Monday Movie Night

For our beloved night owls and late night denizens we share a quick peek at Kansas City clips that offer a glimpse at the progress of people, places & institutions in this cowtown.

Local Mogul Talks Second Act For Cinema Vs. Streaming

Gavin & Zac, hosts of the Vanguard Podcast, interview Adam Roberts - owner of Kansas City's Screenland Armour movie theater, about Warner Bros / AT&T's recent decision to play their 2021 lineup on HBO Max simultaneously to theatrically.

Kansas City Welcome Wagon Plans Future Workforce

The KC Chamber, Welcoming America, and about 40 additional local partnering organizations have been hard at work drafting a plan that will be the framework for our future efforts in achieving designated Certified Welcoming status for the region.

City Hall Hype Persists

"This week's host, Colleen Doctorian from the City Communications Department talks about the winter no-tag trash schedule, KC Pet Project and KC Parks Twelve Days of Trails."

And so . . . 

The show goes on and we hope to have more info, news, stories and good stuff for the morning update. Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

A collage of lost causes? Kinda bleak Tk. Should have found something more upbeat to share instead of civic junk.

Anonymous said...

Meh, at least we don't have to look at another picture of "Mayor Q" and his self promotion.

Anonymous said...

Too little too late, mayor mcdumbo and the fat fake dr rexy have already proven with the ridiculous shutdowns that an office building downtown is no longer needed, people will do just fine working from home. They found a way to beat the one percent ripoff tax they wear illegally stealing from people.

Ren said...



Nailed it. Excellent comment.

Anonymous said...

How did they "wear" the Earnings Tax @11:22 - was it a "Tie Tax"?
(Oh, and @11:22 + @11:28 it's considered bad form to post support for yourself so soon after, wait at least ten minutes before agreeing with yourself.)

Anonymous said...

^^^ STFU grammar bitch, if you don’t get the point then you’re just plain stupid.