Kansas City Mayor Q Shares Regret Over Historic Murder Count But No New Plan

At the outset of his administration he touted a drop in the homicide count and hopes to get the number under 100 . . . Now, local killing has reached historic proportions.

Here's talk on the subject but no solutions suggested.

Take a listen . . .

Mayor Quinton Lucas' Biggest Regret of 2020: 174 Homicides

Mayor Quinton Lucas reviewed the challenges Kansas City has faced including violent crime, the coronavirus, and needed reform within several city departments. He believes regaining local control of the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department is critical to subsequent police reforms. "I will continue to push it," Lucas said.


  1. No solutions for mayor idiot because 1. He doesn't know what he is doing. 2. He won't help discipline black people and they are the ones committing all of the crime. 3. He hates the police. 4. He actually encourages crime while kneeling in the street while they break into stores and destroy. 5. He took part in some of the crime when he knew they were having bricks delivered on the Plaza for their riots.

  2. And yet if he hadn't done anything and the murder count went down, he would have been taking credit for it.
    What a clueless phony.
    Public safety is the most basic responsibility of ANY LEVEL of government.
    Not bicycle lanes, and subsidized hotels, and new LGBT commissions.
    KCMO government is a failure at about every level.
    Next up?
    A serious snow storm.

  3. God you are a fucking idiot Mr. Mayor!

  4. Mayor Lickass is failure. Take a knee pussy.

  5. TOP PHOTO -- capitalized PUNISHMENT

    When the former law lecturer was asked to explain his support for abortion, while opposing the death penalty for violent criminals, he rationalized that the innocent were expendable while the guilty could be pandered to as constituents!!!

  6. He has a plan, to continue to ignore and not tell his people to stop killing each other.

    Maybe it’s a good plan after all, keep letting them murder each other and keep letting Petersucker give them probation and watch the black population decline by hundreds every year! According to every lying worthless fat fake rev the grippe is killing them way more than anyone else is too because it’s racist! Hahahahaha!

  7. Hey Q! Just wait seven days and I'll bet the murder count goes down.

  8. Quinton Clueless is incompetant. He should be recalled and replaced with a REAL law and order Mayor


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