Monday, December 21, 2020

Kansas City Mayor Contemplates FAIL 2020

Let's not forget that Mayor Q started out with tacit support from police & some denizens of the right-wing. And then the embattled politico didn't really provide much leadership during a historic year when local small biz was sacrificed amid a pandemic culture war.

Check-it . . .

Kansas City mayor reflects on turbulent 2020

From dealing with the pandemic, the record murder rate and the civil unrest, Kansas City, Mayor Quinton Lucas reflects on the turbulent year.Who knew this was as good as 2020 was going to get? A huge celebration after the Chiefs won the Super Bowl.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Q = colossal failure at all levels

Citizen said...

No leadership skills at all!

Anonymous said...

Lots of ponderous make-believe important speeches.
As many CNN and national TV appearances as possible.
Pandering to every marginal special interest group he can find.
Promising everybody going to get everything they want or "demand", and then not delivering beans.
Allowing himself to be jerked around by the most extreme council members.
Planning, leadership, responsibility, and governance.
Not so much.
By pretty much every measurement, KCMO government is swirling down the toilet.
Really a shame.

Anonymous said...

We need another candidate to send him back to KU. Quickly please.

Anonymous said...

Report card F-

Anonymous said...


Fact: Quinton's been on the wrong side of 2020's major issues, SARS-CoV-2 and violent anti-police protests.

Given all we know today, Quinton still says, "I wish we would have had mask requirements sooner, I think that would have mitigated some of the spread and might have led to different approaches." He's living in a false virtual reality!!!

Alpinista said...

I don't think it's possible to be a good mayor of Kansas City, MO.

You piss off the Whites, or you piss of the Blacks. You piss off the conservatives, or you piss off the progressives.

You are expected to solve problems that don't appear to have solutions.

Certainly, no other city has solved them.

I feel sorry for your mayor & your city manager. They don't stand a chance.

Anonymous said...

Fun fact people would be safer wearing a bulletproof vest in KCMO than some stupid virtue signal face diaper.

Anonymous said...

Q stabbed the men and women of the KCPD in the back and will NEVER be forgiven for that (as well as most of the city clowncil). He continues to harass and belittle the police chief and he supports terrorist groups like BLM. He folds and gives into all the crazy crap from the lunatic left and doesn't give a damn for the vast majority of citizens in this town who have differing ideas. Worthless and useless.