Kansas City Martini Corner Stays Losing

To be fair, this Midtown nightlife spot was suffering harsh time before pandemic because it couldn't settle on upscale or urban branding.

Take a look . . .

Ollie's Local closes after 'stinker of a year'

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Ollie's Local is the latest Kansas City establishment to shutter its doors amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The Martini Corner restaurant announced the closure in a Facebook post on Friday. "With anger, shock and fierce disappointment, Ollie's Local has closed its doors forever," the post read.


  1. Thanks Mr. Mayor, you imbecile.

    "Lets burn it down!!!" says the BLM scum and our Mayor.

  2. This from Robert Kennedy Junior, today!

    “My father told me when I was a child: people in authority lie. If we are going to continue to live in a democracy we need to understand that people in authority lie.

    People in authority will abuse every power that we relinquish to them and right now we are giving them the power to micro-manage every bit of our lives, 24 hours a day.

    They’re going to know where we are, they’re going to know the money that we spend, they’re going to have access to our children. They’re going to have the right to compel unwanted medical interventions on us.

    You know, the NAZI’s did that in the camps, in World War 2—they tested the vaccines on Gypsies and Jews. And the world was so horrified after the war that we signed the Nuremburg Charter and we all pledged when we do that, we would never again impose unwanted medical interventions on human beings without informed consent. And yet in two years all of that conviction has suddenly disappeared, and people are walking around in masks where the science has not been explained to them—they are doing what they’re told.

    These government agencies are orchestrating obedience and it is not democratic—it’s not the product of democracy. It’s the product of a pharmaceutical-driven, bio-security agenda that will enslave the entire human race and plunge us into a dystopian nightmare where the apocalyptical forces of ignorance and greed will be running our lives and ruining our children and destroying all the dreams and dignity that we hope to give to our children.”

    ~Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

    The liars are killing us with the "Cure" - lockdowns, curfews and the destruction of business', families and the hopes and dreams of Americans.

    They are fuckin idiots.

  3. And Robert Kennedy Jr.s father was one of the biggest liars of all.

  4. When you open a bar or dining establishment you take on UNLIMITED RISK. Yes the building could explode from a gas leak, the economy could tank, the city could shut you down for serving minors, gun battle in the parking lot could make you a dud for customers, competition, earthquake, tornado, lawsuit for slip and fall.

    Think of all the places shut down in seconds forever when the Tornado hit Jopin and other cities in 2011. Gone forever.

  5. And yet there are dozens of restaurants surviving and even doing well throughout the Metro area. It seems that only "high concept" and "chef-driven" restaurants are failing.

    Could it be that the secret of success in opening a restaurant in this area is to offer Kansas City food that they want to eat with reasonable prices and good service? Maybe more quality and less ego?


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