Kansas City Irish Stay Losing Vs. COVID

Good times are pushed back once again as Americans wait for the vaxx to take hold and pandemic numbers continue to justifiably scare away customers.

Check-it . . .

North Kansas City's Snake Saturday parade postponed until October 2021

NORTH KANSAS CITY, Mo. - North Kansas City's Snake Saturday parade won't take place before St. Patrick's Day this year. Instead, the festival will be held in the fall due to COVID-19. The annual parade and festival has been postponed until Oct. 23, 2021, with the hope that people may be able to safely gather [...]


  1. Required black homosexual entries only. Gots 2 be Politically correct . Alec baldwins spanish Army

  2. Grand master Rachel Dolezal

  3. More Irish were made slaves through history than blacks.

  4. If it's in Oct then it won't be a real Snake Parade. That's like saying NYE is canceled on 12/31/2020 and will be held instead on 5/6/2021

  5. Yes, but only Blacks and LGBT matters in 2020 and on. Watch your Tv representation to prove me wrong. Maybe your social media feeds or any political office position. Weird as Kool aid gang.

  6. If it's going to be on October 23rd, then it's going to be a
    Saint John Capistrano Day Parade.

    He was a Lawyer, so we should probably celebrate by getting drunk and driving all the lawyers out of the Country.

  7. Fools. Those in positions of bureaucratic authority are exerting control for no other reason than the power to do so. These cancellations are only due to 1) pandering, 2) destruction of heritage, 3) belief in the Fauci kool-aid. None of them have anything to do with health or "safety". Complete crock. This is the literal embodiment of of the Democrats utopian future. Unfortunately, dems are half the country and to the very last man and woman, they have gone all-in with the fake fear porn.


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