Kansas City Intersection Art Debuts

Tonight we share a glimpse at amateur urban planners making Midtown more complicated and colorful for the angry hobo denizens who might not notice. 

Check-it . . .

"Our Asphalt Art Initiative empowers cities to engage communities, beautify public spaces, and improve street safety through art. In City of Kansas City, Mo. Government, community members recently partnered w/ Midtown KC Now, Street Smarts Design + Build, & 5 local artists to transform a busy intersection into a safer, more beautiful streetscape."

Take a look . . .

Developing . . .


  1. Time and again, it's shown you just cannot fix stupid. North of the river should secede from Mogadishu of the Plains and require special passports to cross the bridges.

  2. Just junk in the streets led by car hating bike boy Bunch. Trendy crap that will look like shit in a few months.

  3. The answer is NO. Sorry not going to do it. The Boss.

  4. Will Cuomo ban Hanukkuh now?

  5. MY GOD!!!! Will Eric bunch just go away and leave our beloved pothole filled streets alone!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Creating slick spots just like Mayor Lickass does on the sheets at his boyfriends condo.

  7. There they go again painting a happy face on a turd.

  8. 'Empowers citizens to engage communities.'

    Do they teach this meaningless woke-jargon in art school?

  9. When this advocacy group says “shorten the pedestrian crossing area” what they advise is putting in bump-out curbs and other curbed features which make the roadway very very narrow and a real danger to bikes. Hard for me to squeeze thru at same time as a car. A good example or should I say BAD example is look how nice and wide troost gets so narrow at 31st street. There we see these ideas of “complete streets” ImplementEd and they are dangerous and expensive. And those tall curbs are hard for wheelchairs to negotiate.



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