Kansas City Holiday Take Out Guide 2020

A helpful list of local places for people who don't find any joy in slaving over a hot stove for the benefit of their ungrateful quarantine pals.

Take a peek . . .

These Kansas City restaurants are offering Christmas and New Year's meals to-go

Holiday celebrations will look a little different this year, but that doesn't mean they should be any less delicious. Several Kansas City restaurants are pulling out all the stops for Christmas and New Year's, ensuring that you can still enjoy a luxurious, restaurant-quality meal from the comfort of your own home.


  1. I'm disappointed they did not include the fresh hot roller food found at any local Quik-Trip. Why spend a couple hundred dollars or more on chichi take out for 4 people when you can eat like kings for $20?

  2. Way over blown.

    Why not a couple of Hot Pockets?

    Let’s all distance so Mayor 10-10-10 doesn’t shut stores down with Wrecks Archer.

  3. ......"got a fresh pile of tRump in isl six.....
    get your spoons tRumpMonkeys...the buffet is open"....


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