Kansas City Hobos Confront Cold & COVID

Hard times persist for lovable scamps and just a few dangerous drug addicts mixed into this long suffering population . . . Check the effort to keep people from freezing to death during the hardest, darkest Winter in recent American history.

Read more if only to realize that the only thing keeping so many people from the same fate is good luck, two paychecks, mom's basement and/or a b.s. job . . .

Local homeless shelters balance COVID-19 concerns and frigid temperatures

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Winter is here and it's creating new challenges for those who need to seek shelter during this pandemic. "The risk becomes, is it more dangerous to be out in the weather, or if COVID. So, we are balancing all those things," said Executive Director of Shelter KC, Eric Burger.


  1. Where's the tent city Lucas was going to put up in northeast? Well where is it? Why isn't he helping? Call the mayor's office and load up his voice mail. Tell him the mayor's job is not an affirmative action job where he can sit on his ass all day long and steal from the tax payers. He needs to be taking care of this and also the crime.


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